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Jul 26, 2013 10:00 AM

Kid's punch--not disgustingly sweet

I've been looking online for a punch that will appeal to 9-yr olds but they all seem to not fruit juice plus sprite. I would like to make something less sugar-saturated, as they'll get enough sugar from cake! Any ideas would be welcome! Thanks.

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  1. My all time favorite is: one container frozen lemonade to 2 liter bottle of soda and a handful or more of frozen strawberries. It is not too sweet and everyone loves it. The strawberries act like ice cubes but they are also very flavorful so you can add lots of them.

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      I am big fan of lemonade and I have been looking a good recipe for the all time summer favorite. I think strawberries is the best taste for the ice cubes if they are frozen to the right temp. but would like to try another fruit favorite too. maybe even extra lemons too.

    2. I never did punch for my kids. Rather, club soda or other sparkling water with some juice mixed in - say 3 to 1 ratio. They were fine with it. I can't tolerate the sugar and don't like artificial sweeteners so my options were limited.

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        I like tcamp's idea. The other option is to offer the mini bottled waters to the kids during games, snacks, etc, and to serve whole milk with the cake. But I understand it's not the birthday parties I attended in 1979, and kids might have lactose intolerance. But if they don't, it's hard to beat a cup of ice cold milk with cake, imo.

      2. Paula Deen has a recipe close to what I do.
        Check the Food Network. I would post it but got into trouble once with the monitors.
        Lime Sherbet Punch. It has lime sliced and cherries. You could use any flavor of sherbet.

        1. I grew up with a bright red punch that I still love: Cranberry juice and Squirt (or any grapefruit soda). We mixed it about 50-50, but really, you can go by the color. Nowadays I usually use dilute out the Squirt with fizzy water so it is less sweet.

          1. I usually serve juice boxes and the mini bottles of water at my kids' parties. Easier than punch as most kids ending up spilling it out of the glasses, or when they are trying to get a refill, etc. You could do fruit juice and sprite and just add water to cut the sweetness. We do that with regular juice in our house.