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Jul 26, 2013 09:38 AM

Best falafel in lower Manhattan?

Got a hankering for my favorite fried food, Israeli-style preferred. Where to indulge in lower Manhattan? Thank you!

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  1. When you say Lower Manhattan do you mean like the Financial District/etc or do you mean below 14th Street?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Either! We'll be staying in the FIDI, but willing to travel for good fried food :-)

    2. IMHO - Taim is the best. They have the original location on Waverly at 7th Ave (West Village) or Spring at Mulberry in Nolita.

      There are other places but if I leave my hood (UWS) for falafel... that is were I go

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      1. re: dyrewolf

        Taim is very good. And they have a truck, so check their website for days and locations:

        Their hummus is excellent too.

        By the way, get the falafel sandwich "with everything" for the full experience.

      2. While Taim is not exactly Israeli style, I would recommend it over the more Israeli Mamoun's (but not by much) and Azuri (midtown). The balls are smaller and come in 3 flavors, Harissa, green, and red (with red peppers). Green is closest to Israeli style but I much prefer the spiced Harissa. Get the platter which comes with 3 of each, 2 salads + hummus + the pita comes with za'atar spices.

        If you do insist on Israeli style sandwich tho Mamoun's may be more satisfying.

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        1. re: Ziggy41

          +1 to both of these
          Fyi taim west village location is a tiny space, best for take and go
          Definatly worth going to both taim and mamoun's if you can

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            Haven't been there yet the menu looks awesome! I'll be in tribeca sunday, thinking i'll pickup dinner there- if you have any specific recs i'd appreciate it

            1. re: Ttrockwood

              Nish nush is great. Can't go wrong w just about anything (the menus pretty tiny - falafel or salad w falafel).

              At taim, while I love their falafel I think they're too good for/get lost in a sandwich (much as I LOVE their "fixins") and prefer them on a plate. Their best sandwich is IMO the sabich.

              1. re: Ttrockwood

                The hummus is the best I've tasted. The pea soup is delicious. I usually get the classic falafel but the harrissa falafel is good.
                The lemonade with nana ( mint) is great. They are Yemenite Jews and make Yemenite style falafel. Delicious.
                Ba 'Al has very good falafel also as alepanazzi points out.The owner is Palestinian, so the style is a bit different from Nish Nush. I eat at both places.
                Mamoun's was good back in the days when Mamoun himself was making the falafel. The size of the pita bread is about half the size that it used to be. There are hard pieces inside the falafel balls quite often these days. I'll pass on Mamoun's.
                If anyone gets to Paterson, NJ, on Main St. heavy Syrian and Palestinian area, the falafel are amazing. They don't put the falafel in the pita pocket they roll it up in the homemade pita. Falafel sandwich there is $2.50.

            2. It's not fancy or one of the most well known places but for me nothing can beat Ba'al falafel... On sullivan between broome and spring.