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Jul 26, 2013 09:30 AM

Red Hot and Blue Rt. 50

I found myself there twice this week on occasions where I didn't have full control over choice of dining establishments.

My last experience at RH&B several years ago was mediocre at best and I haven't gone out of my way to return until happenstance brought me in this week. As I feel that BBQ is like pizza, even a bad one is still pretty good so I was kind of happy to give them another try.

On Monday with the in-laws I opted for the Ribwhich combo which features a couple ribs accompanying one of their bbq sandwiches. I went with dry rubbed ribs and a chopped pork sandwich. The ribs were pretty well done overall, but based upon the crispy dry skin, had clearly been sitting for quite a while waiting for someone to order them. The pork sandwich tasted like nothing in particular. No smoke, no sauce, really just blandness. At one point I thought, "this could actually be tuna." A shame, but remedied with liberal application of sauce.

Wednesday night I ended up meeting a business associate for dinner and wound up at RH&B again. This time I opted for the "All In Burger" a half pound patty topped with pulled pork and cheddar. I specified holding the lettuce and tomato as well as the bbq sauce, and asked for a side of mayo. The burger was cooked medium as requested, and was big and tasty, the pulled pork was much more flavorful than the chopped variety earlier in the week, and would likely have stood on it's own. I personally don't feel that cheese should be applied to pork in most cases, but worked well on this burger. Overall, this was a damn good burger, and one that I will return for.

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  1. I've also noticed them to be hit or miss with the barbecue. Their potato salad is always great, but this shouldn't be the best thing during a meal. I do have to heartily recommend Mission Barbecue in Glen Burnie. It's well worth the drive, as the barbecue blows Red Hot and Blue away.

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    1. re: Jason1

      Heartily agree.

      If you haven't been to the Smokehouse in Bay Ridge yet, it's also pretty solid for more of the urban hipster bbq joint.

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        We went to a picnic catered by RH&B recently. The barbecue and mac & cheese were fine, but that potato salad is SICK.

        1. re: Bob W

          I go to the RH&B Express in Falls Church a couple of times a month because it's close and the Tuesday special is a pulled pork sandwich with two sides and a drink for $6. I ask them to substitute a couple of corn muffins for the bun, and it's a big platter of cheap lunch that's quite tasty.

          I think the potato salad is pretty decent, though I usually get it with slaw and beans. I also ask for a little plastic cup so I can spiff up the Mojo Mild sauce (tasty but tame) with a bit of their Hoochie Koochie Hot sauce (too hot for me on its own). And the background music is XM Elvis Radio (I wonder if they're paying performance royalties), not too loud.

      2. I haven't been to RH&B lately, but I will always pick the catfish sandwich, off the bun, w/ lots of hot sauce & lemon, & fries.