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Jul 26, 2013 08:50 AM

What happens with Le Gaigne?

We discovered Le Gaigne in the 4th in the beginning of 2012 and loved especially theír tasting menu with corresponding wines. In 2012 we had two very good meals there. In January 2013, however, we were slightly disappointed as our meal was quite boring, so we did not come back during our last visit in May. Planning our forthcoming trip in autumn I have just looked at their website and found out- much to my surprise- that Le Gaigne will be closed from the 28th July. It says they plan to reopen another "Gaigne" sometime someplace but no details.
Does anybody have any idea what happened und what is planned?

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  1. OK, I dropped by 12, rue Pecquay today (Sept 3) en route from a very nice meal at Cuistance in the 1st to my barber and there is still a message in the window saying it closed July 28th and would open elsewhere soon. But being a Nosey Parker, I poked my head in and its friendly hostess Aurelie Gaignon greeted me and introduced me to the new chef/owner of the site's successor, the Italian Restaurante Baffo who already has a website and menu
    Unfortunately she gave me neither the date nor address of their new French place.

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      Paralleling another thread, Baffo's online translated menu is finally one I can read. It is in Italian French!

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        Another haircut today and another stroll down the rue Pequay and now the old Le Gaigne has been repainted Baffo with menus posted and ironically or maybe sadly there's another new Italian place next door on the corner.
        I'm still determined to find out what happened to Mickael and Aurélie Gagnon.

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          "I'm still determined to find out what happened to Mickael and Aurélie Gagnon."
          Now I know.
          Mickael at least has surfaced at the new spiffy Le Gaigne, 2 Rue de Vienne in the 8th in a place many times the size of the old beloved joint but Aurelie was nowhere to be seen.
          His cooking, which when he was a one-man band, was consistent, is no longer. The prices are up (hey it's the 8th), many more wines are available (hey it's the 8th) and there are amuses and mignardises (hey it's the 8th).
          I'm waiting to see if the quality leavens out over time and other reports prove me wrong because the guy is talented.