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Jul 26, 2013 08:24 AM

Has anyone seen gyros with french fries in them?

I know that they add fries to gyros in Greece, and I just saw a post on Serious Eats that had a falafal roll up with fries in it (from NYC), and I think it would be great with the tjajici sauce (spelling?). If anyone's seen this locally I would love to get out and try it.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. jm Curley used to do a lunchtime pastrami sandwich with fries tucked into it. I think this is a Pennsylvania thing, maybe possibly originating with Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh. I don't recall ever getting a gyros sandwich in Greece with fries in it, and have definitely not seen that done at any of my favorite local gyros purveyors (Zo, Esperia, Farm Grill).


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        They took the pastrami off at JM's like the week I tried the place out, I was pretty bummed about it. The Greece thing, I have never encountered, but was told about by a friend who honeymooned there, he said all the street vendors did it, but maybe it was just that part of the country that did. I have had Zo's and Farm Grill gyros, both are excelent.

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          I wish I knew about that at Curley's - haven't had a Primanti drunk-wich in years. I suspect it would be a lot less exciting at 1 pm vs. 1 am.

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            We saw fries tucked into gyro sandwiches all over Greece a few years ago. In fact, when I asked for a veggie "gyro" from the menu at several places in Athens, in place of protein, there were very well-prepped fries. In our experience, this was common (delicious) practice.

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              Obviously not Greece but I saw this same thing in Naples. Seemed like every shop had french fry and hot dog pizza and other goodies. It doesn't surprise me to hear of similar things in athens

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              Definitely got fries in the gyros in Santorini a few years back. Mmmm.

            3. There was a sandwich shop in New Orleans that I used to frequent that would throw fries on my fried chicken po boy. It was delicious.

              That sandwich from JM Curley that Slim mentions was really good too.

              1. The Feisty Greek in Norwood does this. Not the best gyro IMO, but decent if you're in the area.

                1. Marko's Mediterranean in Lowell has Monster Fries that are amazing. Basically a gyro on top of a pile of fries...get them spicy.

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