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Jul 26, 2013 06:46 AM

catering for 20 in newton wellesley area

Hello smart f00dies

mom's birthday in a couple weeks, about 20 adults mostly vegetarian. i'd like to do something different, not the same old indian buffet type food, but still in the $15 per head range. any ideas for catering? would prefer not to have the quiche route either....just anything different


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  1. How about calling the Renula's Greek Kitchen folks if you have a party space? They will cater and there are tons of wonderful Greek recipes that don't rely on meat and are different from the every day roasted vegetable plate or Indian that you mention.

    (edited to add- just because their menu lists a lot of meat, it is worth calling them because most Greek recipes are easily adapted for vegetarians- the original version of the recipes probably were vegetarian in the first place.)

    1. Comella's could probably work

      1. Baker's Best, formerly in Newton now in Needham.

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          Garlic 'n Lemon, Esperia or Family for inexpensive and well-made Greek/Middle Eastern/Turkish style which will provide plenty of veggie options

        2. i have heard good things about Baker's Best.

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            I have used Baker's Best for a number of functions. They were very professional to work with, had a ton of menu choices, and the food was delicious. Happy to recommend them.