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Jul 26, 2013 06:21 AM

Fresh sushi near Ft Worth??

I just moved here from So Cal and I am a bit spoiled about sushi. I see a lot of it here is frozen. My husband and I are "advanced" sushi eaters. Can anyone help?

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  1. I feel your pain but, I haven't a clue about sushi in Ft. Worth. So, you may have to plan a trip to Dallas. We have very many excellent sushi restaurants here.
    Click on the link to see the top rated five. However, I'd also add Masami to the list as well. My personal favorite is Sushi Sake (one of the top 5)
    Ryo, the owner of Masami was originally the number two sushi chef at Sushi Sake after Takashi Soda, the owner of Sushi Sake. Masami is a "hidden little gem" of a sushi bar serving pristine fish.

    1. Either go to one of the many good places in Dallas or make a reservation with Keiichi in Denton (which could honestly be a closer trip)

      1. Shinjuku Station - Magnolia
        Temaki - Magnolia
        Little Lilly - Camp Bowie

        Those are the ones I always here of when someone mentions Japanese in FW.

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          I mostly eat cooked Japanese food there (OK, and everywhere else too), but Shinjuku Station is well-regarded, liked by the sushi eaters I've taken there, and is on the DMN's list of the top 100 restaurants in Dallas, along with a handful of others that are actually in FW.

          Don't bother with the shishito peppers.

        2. "If you love sushi, crave sushi done well and don’t much care for crazy rolls, Little Lilly is well worth the trip. It’s pretty remarkable that at the ripe young age of 25, this talented and dedicated native of Houston is turning out sushi that blows most of what we get in Dallas out of the water."

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            this may be a duplicate of the Curtis_A's link.
            if so. sorry.

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            It is. Please ignore.

          2. I'm also a So Cal "transplant", and I tried Little Lily yesterday afternoon. I'm not interested in all sorts of rolls, just want nigiri sushi where top quality fish is the star. Little Lily didn't disappoint. I had the following:

            Uni (from San Francisco, not quite as good as Santa Barbara)
            Sake (from New Zealand)
            Red Snapper
            house cured Mackerel

            All the fish was cut perfectly, the rice was perfect, and I'll definitely be going back, even though it's quite a drive from Pilot Point.