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Jul 26, 2013 06:05 AM

Cafe Prague

Had a wonderful lunch there yesterday with my 92 year old Czech mom. Excellent all around!

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    1. Excellent review. Very in depth and gives us a great idea of what to expect.

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        they have excellent daily soups and little precious finger sandwiches - some of which are open faced. most of the offerings are french and eastern-european inspired. they refer to it as 'czech tapas'. there is also a nice selection of pastries including a decent streudel. i can't remember their coffee supplier but I am pretty certain that it is some euro import - it is definitely the best in the neighbourhood. I was turned off from the place when they started charging me $2 extra for a cafe americano. The place is decked out in marble.

      2. Cafe Prague
        1317 Van Horne avenue, H2V 1K7

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            That is also EXTREMELY close to the Outremont métro station; good to know when the weather is frigid, and that Central European food will be comforting.

          2. There was a Cafe Prague for eons on Bishop between de Maisonneuve and St Catherine We're talking 35 years ago, but lasted long after that. Was really popular. Great schnitzel. Was in the semi-basement on the East side of the street.

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              I remember that place. There was a whole series of Central European cafés, including the Pam Pam (wasn't that Hungarian?) Sadly these have pretty much disappeared, not only in Montréal but also in Toronto.

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                There was also the always interesting (Hungarian) Coffee Mill -- with a uniquely mixed clietele and rather inexpensive for the downtown core. I think it was the very first Montreal restaurant I ever ate in (April 1976)!