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Jul 26, 2013 04:36 AM

(quick/small/take away) Breakfast in the 15th

Will be staying a few days in the 15th near the intersection of rue de la croix nivert and rue lecourbe. any suggestions for a decent place for a quick breakfast will be appreciated. maybe even just a croissant to grab and go: although something more substantial will also be great, I am not in Paris for its reputation for great breakfasts. just anything good.

While you are at it, a place within walking distance (lets say 15 min) for dinner will also be nice to have in my pocket, just in case for any reason we wanted to stay close and not commute for a meal. What I have right now , which I think I would like a lot and is quite representative of what I am looking for in general is le Restaurant du Marche on Rue de Dantzig. but I would love to hear more.


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  1. and this is not for August.

    1. For breakfast, try Café des Trois Garçons on rue Javel @ rue Croix-Nivert (5-min walk for you)... I've never been for breakfast but judging from the quality later in the day it should be good and you can also get some proteins rather than just tartines/ croissants... and a great neighbourhood hangout... very good lunch and dinner as well. I dunno any good boulangeries in your particular area (large bits of it have been redeveloped so much of it is unfamiliar to most of us Parisiens). Maybe the closest boulangerie with a reputation for excellent croissants is Maison Pichard on the rue Cambronne between rue Lecourbe and rue Blomet... but a 15-min walk from where you are and not easily bus-able because of the one-way street set-up....btw, the rue Cambronne is an excellent "rue commerçante"/ market street with a quintessentially Paris vibe somewhat lacking in the immediate area where you are staying. A little closer for you (10-min walk) but a "rue commerçante" I know less well, the rue du Commerce where I am sure you can find perfectly decent cafés and bakeries for your breakfast.

      Oops, almost forgot the best: Laurent Duchêne/Kyoko on the rue Convention @ rue Dantzig. Fab pastries (and maybe an excellent line of bread... it's available at his main shop in the 13th but I can't remember if it's also sold at this off-shoot). Open from 8:30am. BTW, there's also an outdoor market on Tue + Thu + Sun mornings on this stretch of rue Convention.

      Restaurants? There is a surprisingly good choice in a 15-min walking radius of the rue Lecourbe/ rue Croix Nivert: Axuria on the ave Felix-Faure, Beurre Noisette on the rue Vasco da Gama, Jadis on the rue Croix Nivert, Afaria on the rue Desnouettes, Le Vingt 2 on the rue Desnouettes, Je Thé..Me (most like Restaurant du Marché i.e. more emphasis on trad cutesiness than the quality of the good but far from great cooking) on the rue d'Alleray, Le Bélisaire on the rue Marmontel, Le Dirigeable on the rue d'Alleray, and Le Grand Pan (and its cheaper tapas/ wine bar annex Le Petit Pan) on the rue Rosenwald. Google each to see which appeals to your particular style and preferences.

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        wonderful, wonderful response, thank you!

        As for approximate dinner spots I think I can now upgrade my expectations of this part of the 15th!! When I looked up the address of the place we will be staying, my immediate reaction was "oh boy finding anything even mildly memorable for dinner around this place would be a challenge", so when I saw Restaurant du Marche on my 'Paris Map', I thought that would have to be the peak of my expectations, hence my post.

        How wrong I was, and how woefully incomplete is my Paris Map! (in defence of my Map, I did have Jadis on it too, but I have been to Jadis, and didnt really 'get' it, another reason I went in the more traditional Restaurant du Marche direction). I think I like the look of le 22 the best in your list, but they are all going on my map!!!

        Thanks again!