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Jul 26, 2013 04:27 AM

Help! (Sticky Situation)

Two of my best friends and I are planning a girls' weekend in NYC. As young professionals, our goal is to see/experience the city on somewhat of a budget. We'd like to enjoy a nice dinner (each contributing about $100 or so for the bill).

Here's the problem: One friend suggested we try Eleven Madison Park, which is waaaay out of my price range. On their website, they state, "The menu is $195 per person." With drinks and a hefty tip included, that would bring our meal to $300 per person. I simply can't afford that kind of meal right now and neither can our other friend.

My question is, how can I gracefully let my friend down and tell her that we can't do dinner here (unless I win the lottery)? Her friend works here but I doubt he'd be able to get us a discounted menu (and I certainly don't want to be the one to ask!). I'd like to propose just having drinks and maybe dessert here.

Thoughts? Please advise. :)

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  1. You say that these are two of your best friends. If so, I would just be open and honest just like you were in your post here. A good friend will certainly understand, and be sensitive to, your financial limitations.

    1. Just say it's crazy expensive.... its your friend- how hard can that be?

      1. "Hey, friend, EMP sounds great but I checked their website and its way over my budget. How about [xyz restaurant] instead?"

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        1. I love EMP, but its not a place I think that 3 young professional women will find to be the the best place to spend an evening. Its pricey but I think worth it for a certain kind of experience. Tell your friend that its too expensive and that you've heard that its full of old couples celebrating their multi-decade anniversaries or fat cat bankers closing deals (which is mostly true). For three young ladies who want to have a good dinner in a fun setting, I will send you to Balthazar. If your friend still wants to try EMP, suggest its younger more reasonably priced sibling, NoMad.

          1. You say you can't afford it and neither can your other friend. That's 2-1. Why don't you both just tell her.