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Grass fed and finished meat, organs, pastured eggs etc?

Hi all...

Was hoping someone could help with where locally one could find grass fed-finished red meats, organs, and pastured eggs... I have been a raw vegan for 9 years... ready to finally move on. I know of whole foods or erewhon, farmers markets, but I don't know of specific farms etc... But I wanted to ask about any grass fed local butchers? Specific farmers from markets that I may research? Brands? I have never paid attention to meat sellers etc. So I'm just poking around for tips any links. Also does anyone know of any restaurants that use grass fed meats, chicken?

I live near Downtown, and if anyone knows of places near metro stations ( Im a subway'r) that would be great as well. Places like Santa Monica is an hour on bus or more, no thanks. I know the metro train goes to Pasadena, Burbank, Hollywood etc which is fine.

Also any tips on buying meat in bulk so I wont have to be luggin meat across the Los Angeles and adjacent cities all the time. Deals, steals and thrills... Anything Is appreciated.

Thanks much

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    1. At the Atwater Farmer's Market on Sundays, there is a new-ish stall that sells a rather large and affordable array of grass fed beef. They have more cuts than any other place I've been too and IIRC, they can get organ meets as well.


      1. Dey Dey's has the whole line-up of goods that you seek. They're at various FMs through the week. Check their website for info about securing certain products that are in high demand.

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          +1 - Dey Dey's is at the Pasadena Farmer's Market every Saturday - arrive early as they are known to sell out of certain cuts

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            Also note, for some things (e.g., eggs, hanger steaks) you usually have to order in advance. It's not difficult to do; you just need to be aware and plan accordingly. E.g., for an order to be picked up in Pasadena (Saturday), you'd need to place the order by 10:00 a.m. on Thursday.


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            Dey Dey's also has awesome raw butter.

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              Saturday Pasadena is not very close to the Gold Line.

              Either Hollywood FM on Sunday AM off the Red Line (Hollywood & Vine), South Pasadena Thursday 4-8pm (FM is at the stop). There is a new FM starting Sunday Aug 4 in Old Town Pasadena (Memorial Park Gold Line), but not sure who the vendors will be.

              At South Pas and Hollywood some combo of Dey Dey, J&J Beef, and Healthy Family Farms for great pastured eggs are available. Jaime Farms has good eggs too.

              Hope that helps.

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                Remember the one criteria Lindy and Grundy doesn't meet is the transit friendly. It can take up to an hour to get there from DTLA. If the OP has access to Zipcar etc that could make it more accessible.

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                  Yep. But "raw vegan" suggests that sourcing trumps travel time once a month.

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                    Personally I would rather work with a butcher who was close to transit, say McCalls or Urban Radish, to get what I need rather than schlep on a bus with a cooler for 2 hours. But that's just me.

              2. I was shopping today at Sprouts in both Woodland Hills and West Hills for grass fed and finished bison for a friend, and they were out of both at the moment. If enough people ask for it, they will continue carrying it, but apparently the demand is not high. But a staffer said he would check to determine its availability.
                The stuff Riff/Ralphs carries is nonsense bison, as in corn fed for the last 90 days. Great something by brand name.

                1. McCall's in Los Feliz. They have everything, and they can get you most anything. They also have pasture raised eggs from a local (so cal) egg farmer, I never remember the name, but he includes leftover farmers market veggies in the feed, and he also mixes in olive oil (!) in the feed. The resulting chicken (McCall's carries it) is the most flavorful, most chicken I've had. The eggs are $6 a dozen, a great deal.
                  But I do prefer Dey Dey's pasture raised eggs, a bit more flavorful. You can get then at various fm's, but if you go to the Altadena fm, you have to order the eggs online the week prior, bc they start to run out by that time. You cannot buy their eggs at the Pasadena saturday fm, bc they are classified as a csa there, and that csa is full. The csa thing was imposed on them by the pasadena fm. Their eggs are $8. I've also had their chicken, and prefer the chicken at McCall's.
                  There's also a guy in Echo Park who raises chickens and ducks, and sells the eggs at the Altadena fm. $1 each. He is such a nice guy, but I do prefer the McCall's and Dey Dey eggs. But the echo park guy has duck eggs.
                  And then there's Healthy Family Farms at the South Pas fm. They claim to sell pastured chicken and eggs. I say claimed bc I used to buy from them all the time, but something seemed off, and they just seemed suspicious, and then I heard random similar things from other people.

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                    i love mccall's, but i wouldn't call their grass fed selection extensive.
                    i always wish they would expand the number of grass fed and finished items they carry.

                  2. Lindy and Grundy meet all of your criteria. Expensive, as meat should be. "Stage 4" at Whole Foods does as well. Lindner Bison at Hollywood Farmer's Market too.

                    Maccalls has some grass fed meat but not all.

                    For mail order, I like 8 o'clock ranch a lot. New York-based but excellent prices and great, great lamb.

                    1. Thanks for everyone's response. Im def doing my research on it. Anyone familiar with the Whole Foods in Pasadena, if they carry any good grass fed/finished? Also I believe there is a Sprouts not far from the metro link in East Pasadena? Also I believe its a sprouts or something similar in Burbank close to the metro link station. I read there weekly ad and it mentioned Grass fed, but didnt mention grass finished, as grass fed seems to be a buzz word these days... So curious if anyone has been to these place and checked them out?

                      Also I read something about Linder Bison which I was going to check out, about her being shut down for some reason...? Anyone with more info?

                      Either way thanks so much. I got a lot to work with here.

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                        Whole Foods carries respectable grass fed beef product from Hearst. I prefer J&J and Dey Dey which I think is tastier and a little less expensive. It's not a bad walk from the Del Mar Station and has good shade in the afternoon.

                        Sprouts East Pasadena is at least a 12-15 min walk. Mostly sunny. Sprouts Burbank is a hike from the Metro, but the trek back is mostly downhill if that's any consolation. Don't love the market and am not familiar with their meat offerings.

                        Google grass fed and grass finished. There is a difference. Grass finish is usually costlier.

                        Whole Foods will give case discounts of 10%, but that's way too much to cart onto the MTA without a dolly.

                        South Pas and Hollywood Farmers Markets are really great options for you.

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                          The grass fed beef at the Sprouts on Rosemead Blvd is imported from Uruguay.

                          I find it easier and more economical to order directly from a farm and have it shipped to me particularly if you're going to buy in bulk.

                        2. Call Urban Radish in the Arts District. They may have some of what you are looking for and may be willing to work with you to bring Grass Fed/Finished Meats into their store.

                          661 Imperial Street,
                          Los Angeles, California 90021
                          (213) 892-1570

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                            Very cool. Love knowing about this. And it could probably be easily accessed by DASH's blue line.

                            The Produce Project gals who set up shop at Handsome on Wednesdays from 5-8pm may be willing to carry on a special order basis as well. They are pricey, though.


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                              From DASH A [the blue line] Handsome Roasters, Urban Radish and Bread Lounge are bit of a hike but Metro's 60, 62, and 18 will get you much closer.

                          2. In terms of the the meat and organ aspect of your request, there is a new butcher shop in the Central Market, Downtown L.A that meets your criteria.

                            Here is a link: