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Jul 26, 2013 12:01 AM

NYC Chicken & Rice in Vancity?

Hey, fellow Van-Chowhounds!

I've been having massive cravings for the super delicious chicken & rice with red & white sauce that you find at food trucks in NYC... Wondering if anyone knows whether we have any place here where I can get it? Ultimate late night food...Mmmmmmmmm :-)

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  1. ... as far as i know, the nyc dish is halal, right? so maybe have a look at Anatolia Express - it's downtown, north side of the grass-roof convention center. The lady owner is very friendly - maybe she can direct you further if she doesn't make it the way you are thinking of. And their food is good and a good value - and the setting can't be beat - fabulous views any time of year.

    or somewhere on Lonsdale in North Van?

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      Oh, awesome! Thanks for the tips, I'll check it out :-D