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Jul 25, 2013 09:27 PM

Where are the Twinkies?

Huge hype about the re release of Twinkies and several other Hostess cakes. Well, they were supposed to be out, but I can't find them anywhere!!

I'm in Bergen County, and I've tried several ShopRites, Stop& Shop, A7P, and Kings. Nothing. Nada.

Where can one find these highly touted cakes that are apparently not on most supermarket shelves as of yet. Not up here, anyway.

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      1. Thanks. However, there are no Walmarts or Wegmans in the Bergen County Area.

        How come all the hype and it's not on the regular supermarket shelves?

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        1. re: lemarais

          Lodi has a Wal Mart. Also one on 59 in Rockland County.

          1. re: lemarais

            It's a little thing called production.....and last time I looked...both Garfield and Saddle Brook were part of Bergen County.

          2. I noticed that they're MIA too.
            Hardly matters though. Frankly, most of the knockoff versions are much better (particularly the ones TastyKakes offers).

            1. I'm midwest and I just got me some Hostess apple fruit pies and a box of Hostess Ho-Ho's on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              The shelves were CLEANED OUT and I got the last box of Ho-Ho's. It was a Krogers.

              I did not get the 411 on the return thus I;m sitting there checking the date codes thinking the store bought year old stock. LOL.

              They taste the same as what they were.
              I applaud that.

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              1. re: jjjrfoodie

                Apple pies! Ohh glory.

                Our local Shop Rite stores in Ocean County have the Twinkies.

                I am craving a PB & J on Wonderbread though.

                1. re: Jerseygirl111

                  No I was incorrect. There was no sign of Twinkies in the Shop Rite in Bayville or Toms River the past couple days.