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Jul 25, 2013 08:28 PM

Most decadent dinner (pretty girl dining alone)

I'm in town for 2 whopping days and want to have at least one truly awesome, decadent dinner... Bring on the Foie, the marrow, sea urchin etcetc... I'll be dining alone though, so if I won't stand out like a sore thumb that'd be a plus. Ambiance anywhere from comfy to haute.

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  1. I dine alone all the time in every type of restaurant. You won't be out of place - nobody cares.

    If you're looking for a truly awesome meal, for haute restaurants my favorites are Le Bernardin and Soto. If you go to Soto, do the omakase. They'll ask for your budget - I'd go for at least $150. They're especially known for sea urchin.

    For a casual meal with more rich/heavy food (foie, steak, marrow), I would suggest Minetta Tavern or the NoMad (the one on Broadway).

    1. First, I'd see if there are any solo seats available at Momofuku Ko on your given night(s) - since it's all bar seating, perfect for dining solo.

      If that doesn't work out, any higher end place with bar seating. I like wd-50, since the bartenders (especially Jafrul) are good conversation. And Babbo is always very lively. Both are no-rez at the bar, but if it's a weeknight it shouldn't be a problem for a solo diner.

      Other places coming to mind - Lincoln, EMP (I've seen many solo diners at tables there, not just the bar), Del Posto, NoMad... Really any high-end place should make you feel welcome, and if they have bar seating, even better. Peruse the three/four star menus, see what grabs you...

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        +1 on Ko. Another suggestion: I know it's the "outer boroughs", but I would also suggest Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare. The foie, truffles, lobster, uni, caviar, etc. just kept flowing all night long. Maybe the most "decadent" meal I've ever consumed. And totally worth the redial time, in my opinion.

      2. All the previous recs are excellent. Gastronomy should be your only consideration. Gorgeous girls/actresses/celebs are everyday things in Manhattan, and people just go about their business

        1. FWIW, I'm not crazy about the food at wd~50.

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          1. re: deprofundis

            I know it's located in an Outer Borough, but I'd think about Blanca.

            1. re: deprofundis

              Agree. Spent a pretty penny there and have no intentions of coming back. Simply not worth it IMO

            2. I can't help but be curious why OP would specifically mention "pretty girl dining alone"

              are you
              1. Wanting someone from CH to join you so you wouldn't dine alone?
              2. Wanting to go somewhere where there may be other lone diners so you'd feel more comfortable and maybe strike up conversation?
              3. Wanting to go to a place where nobody will notice a pretty girl completely stuffing herself and possibly foodgasming in a not-so-pretty way?

              As mentioned upthread, many of the finest restaurants in the city have excellent dining at the bar options.

              If you are specifically interested in decadent ingredients, Brooklyn Fare would rank first if you can get a seat, and I would also suggest Megu. Looking on their website, their umami menu has caviar, truffle, kobe beef, foie gras, and sashimi and sushi.

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              1. re: fooder

                I was wondering that too.. There are plenty of pretty people in Manhattan and many dining alone at that. It's not a rarity.

                1. re: loratliff

                  I wondered if maybe she was hoping to have a decadent meal and have an intrigued passerby pick up the check!

                  1. re: Jeri L

                    Girl....that's what Craigslist is for!

                  2. re: loratliff

                    Agree, silly...Manhattan is full of beautiful people and most don't feel the need to describe themselves as such.

                    1. re: City Kid

                      The OP wants people's attention so they can read her thread in order to give her advice. I'd say she succeeded in getting that attention, don't you guys think?

                      1. re: City Kid

                        Or maybe she is eating alone at the bar and just doesn't want to be bothered...

                    2. re: fooder

                      Well certainly sounds better than portly older average looking gent

                      1. re: fooder

                        Well, 15 replies in 20 hours so I'd say it worked. It certainly got my attention.

                        On the Italy board I asked as a frontal balding middle aged married man and got bubkes

                        1. re: fooder

                          Iiiieeeeehhh; eaaaasy!
                          I'll pick #3!

                          Picture or not, I merely mentioned it because;

                          1) I truly, genuinely am looking for and love a good dining experience.
                          2) I'm traveling alone and thus will be dining alone (or if I didn't want to, surely CL- NSA) could help me out. (Sorry... That' was snarky)
                          3) didn't put the pretty girl remark out as a bait; just a "I want no bullshit awesome decadent meal" kindanthing.

                          And yes; I expect and am looking forward to paying for my own meal... Just want it to be awesome.

                          1. re: UmmNumNum

                            In all seriousness, I think the conclusion here is that almost all the top tier high end fine dining restaurants will suit your needs. As is often the case when people ask for "the best restaurant in NYC", there are so many high quality ones, it will often come down to personal preference.

                            So the best way to get the meal of your dreams is to be as specific as you can about what you like. Whether it be tasting menu vs small bites vs traditional entrees, or whether you want to focus on decadent ingredients vs modern interesting cooking techniques, we kind of have it all here. Listing comparable restaurants that you have in mind that you've been to (even if they aren't in NYC) would probably help too.

                          2. re: fooder

                            Okay, your number 3. completely cracks me up. Very funny stuff.