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Jul 25, 2013 07:45 PM

Taco, freakin', Bell.

Does anyone else *honest-to-God* LOVE Taco Bell? Warning: this may come across as fanatical... but if Taco Bell ever shut down, I'd mourn it deeply. Probably some sort of memorial service would occur. I find Taco Bell to be delicious, wonderfully cheap, and open in the strangest of hours that I find myself hungry. And I am no teenager. Granted, I am at the 30 year mark of life, so I'm wondering if other age groups have differing opinions on Taco Bell.

If you may, please share your favorite Taco Bell items.

Mine? Well, I'd love to make a meal entirely comprised of their Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, but I'd feel fat :-( . I also love the 7 layer burrito, Crunchwrap Supreme (sub beef for beans), and Cantina Burrito Bowl. I should mention that I'm pescetarian (no meat besides fish).

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  1. the only thing I have I had from there is when I was spending the night with a friend and her mom went through the take away window and I ate some sort of cinnimon crispy things that were pretty yummy.

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        I have a weird relationship with Taco Bell. I never ate there as a child, in undergrad or for the majority of my years of my adult life. Maybe occasionally if I was with a friend who was a huge fan. I'd probably get something boring like the cheese or chicken quesadilla. Fast forward to this year, and for some reason I've suddenly become attracted to Taco Bell. I try to keep it to no more than once a month, and like the OP usually at odd times... like after working very late and not feeling at all like cooking at home.
        A friend got me hooked on it, and so help me I love the 5 layer beefy burrito. I'm also looking forward to trying the new smothered burrito.
        The churros I have not tried. I've had allegedly authentic churros at other "sit-down" Mexican restaurants in the past.

        I just read an article on about how the Churros at Taco Bell are actually rice pasta that are boiled. Then dried. Then fried so they puff up like churros.

        1. re: Boston_Otter

          Or perhaps the "Cinnamon Crispas".

        2. re: girloftheworld

          What year? They used to have fried cinnamon flour tortilla chips that were the bomb. Then, I think late '80's, early '90's, they changed them to what they have now, which are these gross cinnamon things that are the consistency of Chee-tos.

          1. re: schrutefarms

            GOTW is thirteen. She wasn't even a twinkle in her mothers eye when those yummy fried tortillas were around. She means the styrofom things that replaced them. No offense GOTW. They are decent, but are nothing like the fresh fried original.

              1. re: suzigirl

                I can't eat the cinnamon twists. They taste too chemically.

          2. I loveTB. Especially when I am designated drinker. All beef burrito with extra sauce and onions.

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            1. re: LA Buckeye Fan

              Yes, I should mention, Taco Bell gets INHALED when inebriated haha

            2. I ate a lot of Taco Bell as a poor student, and still prefer it to most other fast food joints, even though I only partake two or three times a year at most now. (I'm in my 30s too.)

              I still like the Mexican Pizza, Grilled Stuft Burrito Supreme, and Crunchwrap Supreme, and sometimes even the big nachos. Used to love Gorditas and Chalupas too.

              I know it's not real, authentic Mexican food or even Tex-Mex, but there aren't many good places near me to get real, authentic Mexican food anyway.

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              1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                I was in a Taco Bell in the LA area where they had painted on the wall that it was mexican-inspired fast food. I found that bit of honesty refreshing.

              2. God help me for admitting out loud but yes. I first had it in my early twenties when my boss handed me a five and told me to go get her a taco and a meximelt and buy what i wanted with the change. I thought" how selfish. There won't be any change." It was love at first sight when I saw the menu.
                Mexican pizza
                Seven layer burrito
                Taco salad

                1. Yes, I'm a lot older & I still love Taco Bell-crunchy tacos, bean burrito, no onion, & if I'm feeling flush, Mexican pizza. It's cheap, close, not Mexican, but I like it....