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Jul 25, 2013 07:07 PM

3 Cheers for 3Squares!

Needham's latest resto is in walking distance....and our first adventure there was a success!

Its still REALLY new, and they're getting their 'sea legs', but the staff is eager to get it all right.

Beer and Wine is priced moderately, with great selection and comfortable bar. Dinner menu salads and mains were well presented and thoughtfully prepared. We hope this place succeeds!

This is a family friendly place.. but definitely could be a place to go without the kids too!

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  1. Just curious, but could you tell us a little about what you ordered and what you liked?

    1. Sure. Hubby and I shared a pear and blue cheese salad, it was lightly dressed, with lots of fruit in it. Not a whole lot of cheese in it, but enough for flavor. The Salads run big here.

      He had steak tips with asparagus and rice, I had a vegetarian ravioli with arugula. Portions were good size for our 'average' appetites. He had a beer.. something interesting, but i forgot the brand. I had a pinot grigio glass of wine. for $5 it was perfectly good and better than much of the garbage wine I've been served on recent business trips!

      The kids had a very standard mac n cheese dinner.. but it kept them busy long enough for us to actually eat our own dinners, and was thus perfectly fine. And it came with a beverage and dessert. The dessert was great! (The kids were full so Hubby and I finished it off)

      We are curious to go there for breakfast one of these days....

      1. I would not celebrate the meal my wife and I had last night at 3 Squares! The food was not prepared well at all, Pork Chop I had was killed on the grille and swimming in sauce to cover the char! My potato and veg were colder than my ex wife! My wife got the Stuffed Raviolis only 5 raviolis in the bowl!

        The beer was cold, she loved her wine and the app was 5 stars, however it ends right there! Probably not going back for dinner, this is a beer and appetizer place, it sure isn't Blue!

        1. I went last week for lunch. While our server was friendly and nice, we were not wowed by our meals. That being said, they did have a few burgers on the menu and that might possibly be the way to go for lunch.

          My DC and I split the over-cooked, chewy calamari to start. I moved on to a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and avocado which was meh (the bacon was nice and crisp, though.) It just didn't have enough cheesy flavor (possibly pre-grated cheeses?)

          My DC ordered the Mac and Cheese, which was also meh.

          I like the idea of the place, but probably won't be back until I get a better idea of what should be ordered.