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Jul 25, 2013 06:51 PM

Kosher Biscoff/Speculoos

Had anyone found these recently ? I read on another site that someone found them but they were expired, I was wondering if anyone had seen them, and where. I'd be one happy camper to find them in the NY area. I did read the previous post on here from 08, and I spoke to the company this afternoon. Since the kosher run is only sent to Israel, they have no idea where I might find the kosher product in the US. Any help ??

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  1. Just an idea.. try Trader Joes. They have Biscoff knock offs. not sure if the have hechsher or not. ...Im not a huge fan, but i see them there.

    1. Alas, I saw them once, about six months ago, in Season's in Queens, but not since. The Trader Joe's ones do not have a hechsher, by the way. I bring them home from Israel each time I go; I have six packages of them right now.

      1. Just curious. What are Bisciff/Speculoo's?

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            The best cookie, having them available kosher is a major benefit of making Aliyah! I always have a package in the cabinet.

          2. I saw them at pomegranate. I have seen the kosher spread in Israel.

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            1. re: koshergourmetmart

              Just heard that both Brachs and Gourmet, her in the 5 Towns has them. Will let you know if I find them this week.

              1. re: ettilou

                I did not see them earlier in the week in Gourmet Glatt. I did not ask. part of the cookie aisle was blocked by unpacked stock.

            2. Is it possible they have them at Costco? I had them at my parents house a while back, and I know they get most of their food from Costco.

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              1. re: DevorahL

                I'd be very surprised if Costco had the kosher ones; as ettilou said above, the kosher run is sent to Israel. I could imagine some of the kosher stores having some connections to get some, but Costco would have to get a tremendous amount of them to stock them, and I just don't see them having the kosher ones being important enough for them.