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Please help choose 1

2 couples from small town passing though Los Angeles and want a great meal in a great big city restaurant with all the bells and whistles that come with it. Help me choose...Koi, Lucques, Bazaar, Spago? My thanks in advance.

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  1. Have you been to any of those before?
    Are you interested in scene/crowd or just food, service & general decor?

    1. One of the second two. Probably Bazaar.

      1. If food most important:

        Lucques/Spago tied for 1st

        Bazaar in 3rd

        Koi brings up the rear

        If scene most important:

        Bazaar/Koi tied for 1st

        Spago in 3rd

        Lucques bring up the rear

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            Was gonna say the exact same thing! :-)

            Providence and Melisse for fine dining bells and whistles.

            Bazaar and Katsuya Hollywood for LA all that glitters isn't gold.

          2. From your list, Spago.

            Others to consider in no particular order:


            Giorgio Baldi


            Pizzeria Mozza

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              Agree with ipsedixit's additions especially Craft.

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                would love to visit Pizzeria Mozza, I am a brick oven fan, just only so much time.

              2. y'all were supposed to make it easier on me.

                Never been to anything in LA before.
                Have reservations at Melisse on Friday night.

                If possible i'd say equal parts food and scene. Definitely want to feel like we are in a great place with lots to see and feel, definitely want to feel like i've eaten somewhere special.

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                  Toss Hatfield's on your list if you want equal parts food and scene. The scene is more Hollywood insider rather than Hollywood club goers (like Koi and Bazaar are). The last time I was there I sat between Jeff Goldblum and Jason Biggs. But we could care less because the food and drinks were fantastic (from the warm rolls down to the dessert) and the service was top notch.

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                    How long will you be here?

                    A killer deal, and a fun smug way to experience LA, is to do the late lunch/happy hour special at Mozza pizzeria. Sit at the bar and any pizza (including the $25 burrata one) plus a glass of wine plus a dessert - $20. Depending on how you order, that can be over $40 worth of food.

                    Most blogs list it as M - T - 12 - 5, but I emailed Mozza and they say it works for Friday, 12 to 5 at the bar, as well.

                    Happy eating!

                  2. From these I would go Spago. I would rather go to Sotto, Dan Tana's or Madeo though.

                    1. My vote would be Spago. I would definitely zonk Koi myself. There's some "coolness" there and the fusion-Japanese cuisine is mildly interesting, but the food is just not excellent and personally I'm past 40 and married so cute girls don't make it worth it to me.
                      Lucques is very good food, though some like it more than I do, and it is not going to give you anything really special as far as vibe.
                      Spago is Spago. Even though you might not love it, it's iconic. Some of us have been many times so it isn't at the top of our lists, but for a frist-time out-of-towner it is a great choice. You could even go to somewhere likethe rooftop bar at Thompson for a drink first (or Mastro's or Bev Hills Hotel, stroll Rodeo and walk to Spago. The food is probably just below the city's best (Melisse, Providence, Urasawa) but not by a lot. The asian-euro cuisine mix is not mundane, which is MY issue with Lucques or Craft.

                      Bazaar is more hip. The food is not as high quality Though I might consider going to Bazaar and having drinks to soak up some scene, then have their SAAM dinner. It's a bunch of courses, some of which are gimicky. But it's certainly different and that room/service is nice. Especially if one has had very little of the mole-gastro cuisine.

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                        thanks for the good responses. appreciate it.