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Jul 25, 2013 04:46 PM

Amay's House Burmese on Victoria in Vancouver

I have now had this place recommended to me by several people I trust, and I am going to have to get over there soon. Especially since I see from their facebook page that they are offering a version of cendol (mont let saung) and chin baung kyaw (stir fried sourleaf and bamboo, very Burmese) for a limited time. That plus the prospect of my beloved pickled mango salad, oh yeah. Any other Hounds been?

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  1. Pretty limited menu when I was there; had some noodles but nothing memorable; sounds like they have picked up their game.

    1. Oooo love burmese since BurmaSuperstar in SanFran.... did you go? How was it?

      1. I enjoyed this place a lot. I have a limited frame of reference since my only exposure previously was at Bo Laksa King and at Larkin Express (SF). I went with a Burmese friend (who may have grown up in Canada) who also thoroughly enjoyed it. We ordered the mohinga, chicken curry noodles, tea leaf salad (less tea leaf included compared to other versions I've had), briyani (lots of clove flavour), and the egg prata. The dishes were all small but filling and we fed 4 of us with leftovers for about $50.

        1. We tried Amay's yesterday and loved it! Our only previous Burmese experience is Bo Laksa King and Burma Superstar (SF). Here's a pic of the Mohinga.

          More pics and thoughts here:

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            Oh, we chatted with the owner's son (super nice guy) and he said that their family friend's nephew runs Burma Superstar! And his dad does most of the cooking at Amay and the wife helps out. The dad apparently used to be a hotel chef that served royalty or something like that back in Burma. I hope they do well!

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              Jeez, I'm out of the loop. I didn't realize that Dona Cata had gone out of business and been replaced by La Tequileria and that had closed too in this location.

              Really glad to hear another positive review of Amay's. I vow to get out there soonest...

              1. re: grayelf

                They evolved to La Tequilera Burgers & Tacos:


                Then closed for good. But apparently they'll be making corn tortillas:


                But dunno if their products are being rolled out (sorry for the pun) in some timeframe.

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                  I think that the Dona Cata owners decided to rebrand themselves as La Tequileria. This included a menu revamp, which I never tried because reviews here were pretty disappointing. It's too bad... I had liked Dona Cata. I'm more than happy to have Amay's as a replacement though.

                  Thanks for the info, flowbee!

            2. A shooting incident in that area Saturday night saw the wounded victim wander into Amay for help:


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                Wow, could that incident have something to do with their posts on Facebook that their cook had been injured? And that they have to close until Thursday?