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Jul 25, 2013 01:51 PM

Give me your best

Need 3 dinners of the best restaurants in SF. NYers who want great meals and good value, but price not really a consideration . let's just say we get grumpy if it's all show and snoot. staying near Convention Center but will
travel a reasonable distance. Coming from 3 days from Big Sur area, so if you have suggestions for dinners in that area suggest away.Thanks

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  1. AQ, Bar Tartine, St. Vincent

    Big Sur is discussed on the California board:

    1. keiko's a nob hill
      jai yun

      1. for big sur:

        lunch or afternoon drinks at post ranch inn, as the dining room is awesome (but their dinner cooking is so-so.)

        pacific's edge restaurant at the hyatt carmel highlands has very good food.

        1. Just got an announcement from UrbanDaddy about Big Sur's first new restaurant in 10 years, Big Sur Roadhouse.

          Marlowe might work for one of your dinners. Do not fail to order the side of wild mushrooms.