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Best way to cook a steak?

Picked up a couple filets from Fresh Market this evening. Planning on tossing them in some Dale's and grilling them on high for about 6-8 minutes per side or until well done. Serving with ketchup and steak fries as the side.

That's my usual method but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Fishing's a little slow tonight, eh?

    1. For Fillets.. I definitely like slow cooking in souvide at 55deg, and finish them on top of a mesquite fire, with a dabble of blue cheese herbed butter....... my preference / medium rare...

      1. Personally, I find chowhound's search feature quite helpful for such questions.

        1. Grill them au natural, then sprinkle sea salt after they're done.

          1. I prefer to throw them over a roaring fire log--Duraflame or the like and till they're charred to a wax fired crisp then throw them in the trash.

            LOL, I'm assuming your post was just pulling people's legs, so I thought I'd do the same.

            Actually, Alton Brown has an amazing, although smokey method that works with filets as well as ribeyes which he suggests. Here's a link:


            1. Good filet mignon? Bring em up to room temperature. Sprinkle with maldon salt and pepper. Pour the good as opposed to bad olive oil over it. Plate and serve.

              1. sear it in a cast iron skillet on both sides then finish in the oven until desired doneness...right before you remove it from the oven place a pat of garlic butter on the top of ea filet

                  1. I confess to being useless at cooking steak. On the rare occasions we eat it, my partner cooks it on a ridged frying pan.

                    And it's never fillet which, simply, doesnt have enough flavour for us - rump or skirt is much tastier.

                    1. I have finally perfected my technique on filets and am cooking the best steaks I have ever had (home or restaurant)

                      1 - get steaks close to room temp, takes way more than an hour
                      2 - get weber grill rip roaring
                      3 - preheat oven to around 400-425
                      4 - salt and pepper liberally
                      5 - sear steaks for approx 3 minutes on each side, just long enough to get a good crust
                      6- move to cast iron pan (not preheated) and place in oven with a meat thermometer inserted
                      7 - cook to 125 degrees (for rare - the only way to eat a good steak), remove from pan and place on plate, and perhaps if desired add compound butter patty and/or some course sea salt - the temp may raise a bit but not much

                      1. I didn't realize trolls ate filets...