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Jul 25, 2013 12:56 PM

Judean HIlls Pizza - Riverdale

Does anyone know why they closed ?

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  1. The notice on their door is from the Marshals, which implies that they didn't pay something, possibly their rent or their taxes.

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    1. re: GilaB

      You've been there to check?!

      I have a photo of it on my phone. Surprises me, since they've been around the longest, but they're not the best in the area.

      1. re: tamarw

        Somebody posted a photo of the sign on FB.

        1. re: GilaB

          ah, that was not me. ;)

          Well, on the plus side, more people will give Cafeccino a chance. They are a damn good pizza shop, better than anything I've ever tasted.

    2. I'm a bit late to the party here, but thought I'd mention that I just heard a new kosher pizza place is about to open in the Judean Hills space.

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      1. re: akalish

        Yes, but rumor has it that they are using the same recipe as Judean Hills for the pizza. Meh.

        I've also heard that it is being owed/operated by the same folks who own the great candy/froyo/gelato/waffle shoppe The Candy Box across the street. It's great that they're doing this, but they need a better pizza recipe!

        1. re: tamarw

          Eh, I've eaten plenty of pizza, kosher and non-kosher alike and always liked theirs.

          1. re: tamarw

            Close but no cigar. The new pizza place is currently being renovated by the owner of the Riverdale Kosher Market Place and is slated to open pretty soon. From what I've been told by the, both recipes and staffing will be new. So fingers crossed. As a quick aside, from someone who works in kitchens, while the recipe and good ingredients are obviously important, it's all about the team making the pies. I wish these guys luck as this community's food scene could certainly use a breath of fresh air.

            1. re: gotcholent

              Gotta love the rumors that surround a yet-to-open establishment. So are RKM and TCB banding together, given that the Candy Box's froyo is moving to Pizza Block? (That's the name of it, in case anyone was wondering.)

              akalish: have you tried the other pizza in the neighborhood? There are quite a few.

              I still strongly and wholeheartedly recommend Caffeccino. Might be on the south side of Riverdale that's not as convenient to get to, but their pizza beats all other kosher pizza. It's fab.

              To me, all other "fast food" (not "premium") pizza tastes the same. And I still don't think premium has the taste that Caffeccino does. If I had to choose between a $14 pie from Pizza da Solo or a ~$3 slice at Caffecicino, I'd go with the cheaper one.

              I should note that Judean Hills was a still better among those pies that tasted the same and it was my go-to pizzeria when I lived in Riverdale before Cafeccino opened, but Cafeccino's pizza is in another league in terms of flavor and texture.