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Jul 25, 2013 12:36 PM

New Neighborhood: 86th Between Lexington & 3rd Ave.

Daughter has moved to a new neighborhood on the UES (from near NYU). Interested in learning of any local favorites or small gems, especially in the middle to lower price ranges near by. Info on restaurants, take out or food shops, etc. appreciated.

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  1. Tal Bagels on 86th near 2nd is my favorite bagel place in the city.

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood. I moved to the area a few years ago when it was a wasteland compared to my college years downtown, but the situation has vastly improved and it's a wonderfully friendly place with decent-to-great places for anyone with an appreciation for food.

      Prepared Food/Groceries
      Schaller & Weber
      Milano Market

      Dinner with Friends
      Pitch & Fork
      Tarte Flambee

      Drinks and dinner
      Kaia Wine Bar
      Pony Bar
      The Penrose

      Luke's Lobster
      Shake Shack
      Burger Bistro
      El Aguila

      Wa Jeal
      Naruto Ramen

      Two Little Red Hens
      Cafe Sabarsky

      Neighborhood Places
      Pio Pio
      Vinus & Marc
      Caledonia Pub

      Cheap Delivery: Ichiro, Adam's Chinese

      1. Agree with other suggestions, but must add Agata and Valentina (a step up from Fairway, which I love), and Orwasher's around the corner from A+V for the best breads in NY. For spicy Thai, it's Joya. Le Bistro D'A Cote is also reasonable and good French. For Chinese, Shanghai Pavilion (esp. for fish), Wa Jeal for Szechuan, and Pig Heaven has the biggest, juiciest spare ribs ever. Maruzzella is another good, reasonable Italian. Maz Mezcal has excellent mole poblano. Ottomanelli's for a thick burger. Treat yourself to the bread pudding French Toast at Corner Bakery (also good for take-out). Pizza, Pintaile's for thin crust pizza. Zebu Grill for Brazilian. Coffee shop/diners: Gracie Mews or Mansion Diner.

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          Yes of course to Agata and Orwasher's. Would also add Citarella on 1st and 75th for fresh fish and the Corner Bakery on 94th and Third for excellent sweet baked goods.

        2. Please add Sable's on Second Ave. & E. 78 St. for smoked fish and Cafe d'Alsace on Second Ave. & E. 88 St. for French bistro.

          1. Assuming real estate agents haven't coined some synthetic neologism for it, that neighbourhood is called Yorkville.
            It has a very interesting history (there was a stagecoach terminus right on the corner of 3rd & 86th, for heaven's sake!); you might want to check it out in the "Encyclopaedia of New York City".