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Jul 25, 2013 12:14 PM

When can a peach taste like a peach.

I am so sick and tired of buying summer fruit down here, only to take it home and find it has not flavor. I live in Palm Beach County and have been to The Boys, Whole Foods and The Fresh Market. Does anyone have a source for fruit? Not mail order where a dozen peaches cost $75.00 with shipping.

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  1. The Boys is a crazy place inside isn't it? The aisles are so narrow and the items are stacked way too far back and high for even a tall person to reach. I wasn't impressed and won't go back there.

    I just stay with Publix and I buy peaches during the season. Right now they only have inferior California ones but I hope the Georgia peaches come in soon.

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    1. re: freakerdude

      It seems incredible that there have not yet been Georgia peaches for sale in Florida this season. Peaches from Georgia and S.Carolina flooded the markets in the NorthEast from late June and are now being harvested in the New Jersey/Long Island farms. And you are still seeing them only from California? If so, that is a sad situation! Maybe Publix (which I think is a pretty terrible market all around, sorry to say) does not have eastern fruit, but surely peaches from states other than California can be found in south Florida by now, no?

      1. re: erica

        The only peaches my Publix has carried so far this season are the HMC Farms peaches from California. Yes, it is sad since the additional freight charges for 2,300 miles get passed on to us and they are nowhere near as good as Ga. 300 miles away.

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          I bought North Eastern peaches at Freah Market in Aventura on Sunday. Still waiting for them to ripen!

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            Thank you! I keep walking past the peaches because I have no desire to buy fuzzy little rocks with no flavor -- and thought I was the only one.

            It drives me bananas to be so close to Georgia, but the peaches are from California....and to have California tomatoes when they grow tons and tons of tomatoes right here in Florida!

            I did see a roadside stand the other day advertising GA peaches (but was in a hurry)...I may wander back that way this weekend.
            Walmart had some South Carolina peaches -- but even they weren't soft and fragrant. (I'll grudgingly admit that Walmart's recent produce push has had better-looking produce at Walmart than at my local Publix....but I'm also finding that the bagged lettuce goes south within a day or two - far faster than anywhere else I buy it)

        2. I buy white peaches from Costco every summer and they are always very good. They are from California. I haven't bought peaches from supermarket for awhile.

          1. Well someone around here is getting good peaches right now.

            The counter at Michael's Genuine was stacked with them last week.

            And Pizzeria Oceano is featuring them in dishes regularly.

            1. Don't waste your money on peaches from Chile or anywhere in South America. They just aren't good at all.

              1. In my 20 years in Ft Laud, nothing. A good peach appears to be an extinct product. Doubt if its much different in other areas of the country other than during the season and locally.

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                1. re: Ray2

                  Have to agree that it is a roll of the dice. Here in NYC area local supermarkets are now selling SC peaches ($.99 per pound up to about $1.99 or so). One day they are good, two days later you take home a bag of mealy garbage.

                  NYC farmer's markets ($3.00 per pound or so for NY and NJ grown) tend to have better peaches, but at a price, and even then, a GREAT peach is a rarity.

                  On Eastern Long Island, farmstands feature locally grown peaches which I would call pretty good. Never GREAT!

                  But shocking, to say the least, that Publix does not carry eastern peaches. Some enterprising soul ought to load up a truck from Georgia and sell peaches by the roadside in south florida. Or maybe they do that.....?

                  1. re: erica

                    Long Island peaches? Wow, I never heard of that - and I grew up there (albeit in Nassau County (Freeport)).

                    Doesn't seem like LI climate would support peaches. But I'm certainly no peach expert. And heck, they've got vineyards out there.

                    Just seems a bit odd to me. Maybe that's why they don't taste so great. Maybe it's a microclimate thing, out there surrounded by the warmer water.

                    (BTW speaking of Freeport - the "Nautical Mile" is a great place to still buy ultra-fresh local seafood at fair prices. See Two Cousins, in particular).

                    1. re: CFByrne

                      Freeport! I grew up close to you! We used to buy produce in a farm stand in Malverne. Cannot remember the name and I am sure it is long gone...And it was a real treat to eat seafood on the Nautical Mile!

                      I spend much of the summer on the North Fork, and there are a few growers here, and even a "peach farm" named Davis in Wading River. But I must not be the best climate because they rarely generate rave reviews from me.


                      Wickham's and Brieremere are also locally (North Fork) known for peaches, but my comment above applies:



                      BTW: I still lust for that pizza in Lantana! Plan to sample more varieties next winter..maybe we can meet up!

                    2. re: erica

                      You have to have demand. I think that's the problem no matter where you are.

                      I'm also from New York and enjoyed LI and NJ peaches for years. Other than when I've been in Georgia during the season, I have only memories of a great peach.

                      Though off topic I'll throw this in. One of the issues in the states are the consumers and their levels of acceptance. We split our time between a home in Florida, an apartment in Switzerland and, my view, (I'm not sure the architect, builder and building officials are on the same wagon) will eventually have a home in Italy. Its not at all unusual to see consumers in Europe giving a butcher, produce manager or cheese shop attendant hell for the quality of some item. Never seen it in the USA. I once complained to a butcher about his cut on a pork belly after we discussed how he would/should do it. Every person in the store looked at me like I was from outer space.

                      You get what you ask for. In the absence of asking, you get what's easiest, cheapest and most profitable.

                      1. re: Ray2

                        Conversely, a lot of consumers demand pretty looking fruit, with flavor a secondary consideration. That's how we got to where we are now.

                        1. re: JonParker

                          You are correct. I change my tune to, we don't demand good fruit.

                          Nice looking, all year round and cheap. Stickers help, paper wrapped get bonus points, organic (whatever that means) qualifies for higher price. Taste/ripeness ? I suppose they're on the list somewhere.

                          1. re: Ray2

                            So true. Back when I thought it would do some good, I complained about wilted chard and absence of kale in a local NY supermarket. Manager listened politely and made promises, but nothing changed. I think it takes repeated complaints from many shoppers and even then might not do any good but certainly worth a try. Why not begin a campaign to get Publix to shape up??

                    3. re: Ray2

                      You are right! Cant seem to find good ones here in the Boston area. We vacation in NC (Outer Banks) every July, right at peach season. So good! I always go the farm stand the day before we come home and buy TONS of peaches. Last week, I made a Summer Peach Cake- got the recipe from Americas Test Kitchen. It was outstanding!!

                      1. re: macca

                        I recommend their cookbook loaded with recipes, tips, and handy information - The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001-2013.

                        1. re: freakerdude

                          Thanks. Will have to check it out. Have liked all the recipes I have tried from the show.