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Jul 25, 2013 11:55 AM

Kansas City BBQ & Other Restaurant Recommendations

I'm going to be visiting KC next week and wanted to get thoughts/recommendations on the restaurants that I should go to.

From my research the list of possible places includes:

Oklahoma Joe - http://www.oklahomajoesbbq.com/
Arthur Bryant's - http://www.arthurbryantsbbq.com/index...
LC's BBQ - http://nobullbbq.com/tag/lcs-bbq/
Gate's BBQ http://www.gatesbbq.com/
Stroud's Oak Ridge Manor - http://www.stroudsrestaurant.com/
Burg & Barrel - http://www.burgandbarrel.com/
Jack Stack's - http://www.jackstackbbq.com/splash-st...
Blanc Burgers - http://www.blancburgers.com/plaza.html
Osteria il Centro - http://www.osteriailcentro.com/
Spin Pizza - http://www.spinpizza.com/locations-an...

Thoughts? Am I missing anything? Appreciate any feedback or recommendations.

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  1. Used to hit KC a couple times a year. My first stop after leaving my driveway in Des Moines was LC's. Burnt ends. Best bbq I've ever had. Not a fan of sauce, so I order it on the side. I recommend doing that.
    Should note it has been a few years since I've been.

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      I agree, have never had bbq to compare with the burnt ends at LC's - have been there in the past month and they are still great.

      Jack Stack is more of a restaurant than a bbq place - if you go, get the beans.

      I have not been terribly impressed by Spin, but we had a group from all of over the country staying in KC for the past three weeks, and they liked Spin so much, they went back three times.

    2. Gotta agree with everyone on LC's.

      Brobeck's for ribs if you're in Leawood.

      I'm no fan of Gate's. If you're dropping one, that would be my choice.

      1. Regarding pizza, I personally prefer Pizzabella to Spin.