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Jul 25, 2013 11:28 AM

Good Reasonable Sushi in San Fran.

Driving up in 2 days to explore the city with my daughter,who lives there. Where can I suggest (just sushi is my fave) Thanks.

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  1. Ichi is pretty good - not cheap but not super expensive either.

    1. My personal favorite is Koo, followed by Ichi, Aka Tombo, and Okina.

      Other on here will recommend: Akiko (very expensive, extensive selection of neta) Sebo (somewhat expensive), Ino (good, traditional, rude chef).

      What do you consider reasonable? Omakase at Koo will run you about $70 to $80 PP before drinks, tax and tip. Ichi will be about the same. Aka Tombo will be around $50, and Okina $30 to $40.

      1. Thank you mr_darcy for Ichi. od_sf, I think about $30 is reasonable for sushi. I'm looking forward to hearing what my daughter thinks of these places. Thanks so much.

        1. Here's an extensive discussion on sushi from last month: