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Jul 25, 2013 11:27 AM

Pastitsio in the Dearborn area

I am going to be in Dearborn this weekend, and looking for some good pastitsio. I will have a car so can travel a bit, but would like to if possible stay on the west/southwest side of Detroit. Any good recommendations in that area, or will I have to travel over to Greektown to find it at all?

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  1. We have a local Greek chain Red Olive which has a restaurant in Dearborn and which has pastitsio ($8.95) on the menu. I've never had it so I count vouch.

    Leo's Coney Island is another local chain which has a restaurant in Dearborn and which has pastitsio ($7.49) on the menu. Never had that item either at Leo's.

    I think you would be safer to head to Greektown unless some wiser chowhounder thinks otherwise.

      1. I know that Gus and Us, at the SE corner of Outer Drive and Southfield, has it, and it looked really good as I watched a server carry it to another table! I can't vouch for whether it actually is good. This restaurant is in Allen Park, but close enough to Dearborn. Used to be called Opa! Opa! but recently remodeled and reopened; not sure if it's the same owners, but essentially the same Greek favorites and usual Coney Island fare, in addition to broasted chicken (wonderful) and other American favorites.

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            Last minute save! I was just about to head out and stop at the first place I came across when i figured I would give the board one last look.

            The pastitsio was good. Nice thick topping of bechamel, the beef could have used tad more seasoning. It comes with soup or salad, potato or rice, and a pile of green beans. They also put on a good splash of tomato sauce I think it could do without.

            The food itself was good. But what made Gus and Us great was the staff. The place is kinda dinerish, so don't expect fancy formal service. This is friendly sit down at your table and have conversation kind of service. Great staff, make you feel comfortable. I recommend it!

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              amandaqtpie always has good recommendations, in my experience.