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Jul 25, 2013 10:28 AM

French Butter with Salt Crystals?

Anyone have ideas where to buy French butter with sea salt crystals? The kind of butter that crunches deliciously as you eat it? I found some at Idylwild in Acton, but it was $6 for a small package, too pricey for regular use. My stash from France is running low!

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  1. Take Cabot 84 butter, sprinkle kosher salt on top... viola!

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    1. re: StriperGuy

      I wasn't impressed by Cabot 84, I much prefer Plugra. But French butter is presumably cultured, which AFAIK neither of those is.

      1. re: KWagle

        True, true, I was forgetting the cultured bit. I use Cabot 84 mostly for baking which is where it's sweet goodness shines.

        1. re: StriperGuy

          Ah, okay. I mostly eat my butter, so the extra flavor of Plugra is a big win. I don't think I've ever used it for baking.

          1. re: KWagle

            I think it's Cabot 83. It's supposed to have a higher fat content than regular butter from most U. S. farms, so it's better for baking. It comes in 1 lb. blocks.

            Unfortunately, the only place I know of to get it consistently is Restaurant Depot, and I haven't been there in a while.

            1. re: bear

              Plugra is also a higher-fat butter. It's no longer at Trader Joe's but some of the supermarkets carry it. Sadly, RD doesn't carry it up here, they claim shipping costs would make it prohibitively expensive, but they do sell large tubs of clarified Plugra.

              (RD stores in MD/VA sell the stick butter as well.)

              1. re: KWagle

                Thanks. I need to try Plugra or Cabot 93 in my next batch of vodka pie dough from Cooks Illustrated. Really good crust, and so easy to put together without it getting tough.

                1. re: bear

                  83! Not 84, and certainly not 93!

                  1. re: bear

                    Oops! I guess I should read my own posts!

          2. re: StriperGuy

            Okay I was totally off base on this suggestion (just wasn't thinking) The Cabot 86 ;-) product is not cultured and so not at all a substitute.

            1. re: StriperGuy

              I was about to ask why we can't just get Cabot 100 but I guess that's what the clarified product would be!

          3. There is a place on Mass Ave on the Arlington-Lexington line called Ma France. You could give them a call, see what they have. I'd think that any top quality butter imported from France would be pricey.

            1. Whole Foods carries this vermont butter and the sea salt crunches very nicely. if you can't find your favorite you might want to try this.


              1. I don't live in your area so can't say where to find it but it sounds like you are looking for isigny de mere beurre demi sel. It is sold in 8.8 oz blocks and has large crunchy salt crystals. It is pricey but well worth it. I can find it here (MSP) at a few cheese shops.

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                1. re: Pwmfan

                  I believe Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge carries it. Not sure about the South End location.

                  1. re: Pwmfan

                    If it is Beurre D'Isigny that the OP Is looking for, Formaggio sells it, as does Dewars, and even WF from time to time. The trick with WF is that it is by the cheese section not in the dairy section.

                    1. re: Pwmfan

                      Yes, that is exactly what I am looking for. Looks like I need to head to WF. Didn't check the cheese section so I'll go there. If I can't find it, looks like the VT Creamery butter with salt crystals is a close second. Will check the other places too next time I am in the city. Thank so much to all, I've only got one package left now, so I'm getting desperate!

                    2. Cultured Butter with Seasalt crystals, from Vermont Creamery, is available at most Whole Foods, probably Formaggio, too...Look for the 4 ounce logs, for $4.99...They also do it packaged in a little basket, but it's like $7.99 at WF, probably more at Formaggio..