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Jul 25, 2013 10:10 AM

Barcelona Restaurants Open Sunday (and Monday)

Hello everyone, we will be in Barcelona for the first time from Aug. 2-6 so we have 4 dinners and 4 lunches. It seems that many restaurants are closed on Sunday and lots closed on Monday. Can anyone suggest a "Chowworthy" restaurant which is open on Sunday? I see that Tapas 24 is open Mondays so that would be a good option on that day. Thanks.

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  1. We had a lovely Sunday lunch at Kaiku in Barceloneta a couple months ago. It's not fancy food, just simple ultra-fresh fish. You need to reserve though-very popular with families on Sunday.

    1. Tapas and pinxtos:
      Sundays: Paco Meralgo, Bar del PLA; for convenience all the Sagardi, Cerverceria Catalana and its sister Ciudad Condal
      Monday: most tapas and pinxto bars are open; the above plus El Vaso de Oro, Maita, Taktika Berri
      Barceloneta is the place to be for Sunday mid-day meal.
      Sunday: PLA, Hoffmann
      Monday: the above plus Gresca, Hisop, Gelonche, L'Olive, Cata1.81
      Some are closed for part of August.

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        El Vaso de Oro is also open on Sundays.

      2. We liked Paco Meralgo a lot. We tried to make a reservation on the Sunday evening when we arrived but they were completely booked and we weren't up to trying our luck at the bar. We booked for later in the week. I'd definitely recommend it.

        1. Go to Paco Merlargo- Our go to Sundaynight place- BUT make reservations in advance or you will not get in.

          1. Bit late for the original poster, but for future readers of this thread note that Alkimia is open on Monday for lunch and dinner.