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Jul 25, 2013 09:21 AM

Spot to Hold Cocktail Reception Near Chinatown

I am seeking to hold a cocktail reception for clients when in D.C. for a conference at the Renaissance. Great food and drink is a must---I expect about 40 to attend. Any suggestions for someplace upscale and will get attention?

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  1. Fiola, especially if you could use the rooftop would be a great place and would get lots of attention.

    1. Are you looking for a private room? To rent out a bar?

      You can see if the Source has space. Another option is Poste (especially if you can hold it in the outdoor courtyard---it's really lovely).

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      1. re: Elyssa

        Actually looking for a fun place with great cocktails and fun food---not maybe as stuffy as those suggested. I've looked into Marvin and El Centro---they look awesome but may be a bit far. Also Brasserie Beck seems close and may fit the bill. Thoughts?

        1. re: dosage54

          I'm not a huge fan of El Centro except for drinks (the food is only so-so) and Marvin would likely be too far. Brasserie Beck could work if you are expecting people to take cabs etc.

          You should see if Jaleo could accommodate you. With the redesign it is certainly a fun environment. You might also like Sei....not sure if that is too high end for you. Real casual would be Hill Country BBQ if you want more of a beer and bbq themed get together.

          1. re: Elyssa

            Good info. Thanks. What is your take on Graffiato?

            1. re: dosage54

              I love Graffiato. It's one of my favorite restaurants. That said, I'm not exactly sure where they would have space for 40 people unless you were willing to rent out the entire upstairs area or bar area.

      2. I've checked into all of these. They look great. Next question: maybe someplace a bit more casual, and fun? Still want to be close to the Renaissance Downtown.