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Jul 25, 2013 08:34 AM

Restaurant in Oguinquit Maine for lunch and dinner?

Hi Everyone! I was wondering if there were any restaurant suggestions with fresh seafood (specifically lobster) in the Oguinquit area? I've heard so many good things about Oguinquit, so we are planning on spending our anniversary in that area.

We prefer not to get sucked into a tourist trap. A view of the ocean and some romantic ambiance (without kids) for dinner would be nice, but honestly any suggestions are welcome. :)

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  1. Would you be amenable to going up the coast a bit?
    I don't have any solid recs for Og, but heading north On the Marsh and Ocean fit your bill (esp the latter) for dinner.

    Lunch maybe in Wells at Lord's Lobster Pound? NOT romantic but very good.

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      Is there a more private beach if we go up north? We were thinking of picking up some lobsters and clams and having a small picnic on the sand. And then go explore some shops in a small town. Any suggestions of areas that provide those options would be great. We do like the idea of eating dinner at Ocean! Thank you for your advice! :)

    2. We ate at Katie's on Shore road and really enjoyed it. No view though.

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        The restaurant looks nice and their price seems really great. We will keep it on out list. Thank you :)

      2. I'd not miss MC Perkins Cove, it's got the best view, and some of the best food in the area, whiny yelpers be damned.