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NYC restaurants that make you go back for that 1 great dish, everything else they serve is bad.

jologolf Jul 25, 2013 08:09 AM

So one of my co-worker and I were talking about restaurants that are bad/horrible but they have 1 dish that is excellent.
Couldn’t think of any place like that.
I know of restaurants where I go for a particular dish but other things they offer are good too.
Know of any places in NYC that have that 1 great dish but everything else is horrible?

  1. LeahBaila Jul 25, 2013 08:21 AM

    Queso dip and tortilla chips at Q'doba
    Fried Twinkies at The Stumble Inn

    1. brancron Jul 25, 2013 08:46 AM

      The uni panini at El Quinto Pino in Chelsea: http://www.grubstreet.com/2007/10/the...

      I've been there four times, and despite knowing better, have ordered many other dishes, all of them being god-awful. Their wine is good, though.

      1. p
        Pookipichu Jul 25, 2013 09:36 AM

        Not exactly one dish but, Redfarm because although I love most of their dim sum, their entrees have been universally bad.

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        1. re: Pookipichu
          downtownchica Jul 25, 2013 01:56 PM

          Really? I actually like the entrees more than the dim sum, or at least the okra and eggplant curry is one of my favorite meals in the city.

          1. re: downtownchica
            Pookipichu Jul 25, 2013 02:14 PM

            Never tried their okra and eggplant curry, I've tried their three chili chicken (twice) and rib steak stir fry. Both were awful. I've detailed in other posts. Given the expense, I'm leery of trying any other entrees.

        2. d
          dyrewolf Jul 25, 2013 10:07 AM

          Gray's papaya hot dogs... (I know it is all they have... the papaya drink is gross though so it kinda fits)

          1. d
            deprofundis Jul 25, 2013 10:03 PM

            The classic one dish restaurant is Peter Luger.

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            1. re: deprofundis
              Ricky Jul 26, 2013 05:39 AM

              One dish? Besides the steak, the burger is one of the city's best, cream spinach is great, the bacon.

              1. re: deprofundis
                kathryn Jul 26, 2013 07:03 AM

                The OP is asking for places where everything else is actively BAD. Luger doesn't count, IMO.

              2. Monica Jul 26, 2013 06:32 AM

                Not a restaurants but dessert places like Magnolia bakery and Serendipity are good for one item. Magnoila for banana pudding of course.

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                1. re: Monica
                  kathryn Jul 26, 2013 07:04 AM

                  Magnolia has other good items like the ice box cake, too.

                  1. re: kathryn
                    kosmose7 Jul 26, 2013 11:05 AM

                    +1 for ice box cake.

                    Its new ice cream sandwiches are not too shabby either.

                2. j
                  jaba Jul 26, 2013 07:01 AM

                  Malatesta - spaghetti ala chitarra

                  1. d
                    darren425 Jul 26, 2013 08:02 AM

                    The scallion pancakes at the Cottage Restaurant in UWS are really good but the rest of the menu is just so so.

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