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Jul 25, 2013 07:42 AM

North Shore recommendations please [Minnesota]

Heading up Friday morning back on Monday...Would appreciate comments regarding The New Scenic Cafe - Emily's Lighthouse - and Rustic Cafe...Staying in Knife River. Other recommended foodie places south of Tettegouche State Park??

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  1. New Scenic Cafe is a very popular spot. I had this fresh caught from the Knife River baked herring wrapped in prosciutto sandwich Monday. It was a special.

    South of Tettegouche, Northern Lights, Rustc Inn are fine. I like Rustic Inn's pies better than Betty's. But if you are looking for a truly decadent pie to love, give the Lemon Wolf Cafe in Castle Danger a try.

    1. Have been to New Scenic Cafe several times. Excellent quality and service without being pretentious. I had the best sandwich of my life to date there a couple of years ago, but since their menu is seasonal I haven't seen it since. I've had a couple of misses on desserts (they were delicious, but after having exceptional starters and entrees the dessert was a tad lackluster, though I've had some very good desserts there, too).

      1. All good recommendations.Yep,skip Betty's Pies as long ago sold off.Agree Rustic pies are good(but the best are in Grand Marais at the Pie shop).Scenic is real well handled food,as is Nokomis just south of the Scenic cafe.Vanilla bean is a good one in Two Harbors.If you're going to Knife River,then you know to hit the iconic Russ Kendalls's smokehouse.Get the lake trout and the Salmon.They have a very nice salmon dip too.albeit I wished the container was bigger.If legenday Russ's grand daughter is working there that day,the better.If Scenic feels a little uptight to you while you're there,you may not be the only one.

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          Nokomis is closed. The Pie Place Cafe (now in downtown Grand Marais) is indeed superb but I did not mention them since the OP's quest was south of Tettegouche on down.

          I would also imagine about this time of the year if you wanted a geniune real wild blueberry (the really small berries) pie that Satellite's Country Inn in Schroeder would be the place--unbelievable taste.

        2. Thanks to all - Had a fun-foodie 3 day weekend. Top on the list was The New Scenic Cafe - just wonderful and creative. GF had the scallops and I did the tenderloin. Best meal of the weekend we agreed. The curry mussels were perfect as well - we liked them so much that we took a 2nd order back to the cabin. The Lemon Wolf Cafe was very nice. Great lemon pie. Interesting wild rice soup-best I've had. Emily's for herring - very good - super club
          Rustic for fish tacos. Have to come back. Ledge Grill (chefs table) pork tenderloin in a strawberry reduction was very nice. Sweet potato hash was a nice compliment to the pork.