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Jul 25, 2013 07:41 AM

Best farmer's markets/ farm stands?

Are there any (really anywhere in New England) that are really good? Lots of vendors - organic choices - maybe even reasonable prices? I've happened along some farmer's markets that have been pretty useless with less than a half dozen vendors.

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  1. The one in Hingham is great in addition to veggies you can also get fresh seafood, high quaility meats and wonderful prepared foods.

    1. Lots all over Vermont.
      The best (IMO)
      St. Johnsbury
      Have not been to the one in Brattleboro but I've heard its great.

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        Also, the West River Farmers Market in Londonderry (VT) Saturdays 9 – 1 and the Sunday market in Dorset 10 – 2.

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          Very hard to beat least a dozen standard farmers setups, plus many many other special food stands, artists, etc. I guarantee success and enjoyment.

        2. The Portland farmers markets are pretty fantastic--many organic choices, some pretty spectacular cheesemakers, a token program so you can use credit/debit cards--between it and my small garden I can avoid the grocery store the whole summer!--

          1. Camden, ME has a spectacular farmer's market Saturday mornings. Several great produce vendors, 3 cheesemakers with incredible cheeses, all kinds of meat (I bought water buffalo kebab meat and some fabulous merguez lamb sausage), poultry, fish, eggs (I got duck eggs), bakers, a booth selling amazing smoked sausages and other smoked things I didn't try. Someone making pizzas, a couple of other people selling food to eat right there. There is a smaller version Wednesday afternoons. I would be thrilled to have access to that Saturday market more than one week a year!

            I saw just the end of the Belfast, ME market (Thursday mornings) and it looked as though it was very good.

            Not sure if you are interested in greater Boston area, but Lexington (Tuesday afteroons), Arlington (Wed afternoons) and Belmont (Thurs afternoons) are all excellent.

            1. Dorset VT is a really nice one -- a couple dozen local vendors including veggies, plants, food and crafts, and there's live music. Sundays from 10am to 2pm on Rt. 7, then you can go swimming at the marble quarry just south!