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Jul 25, 2013 07:22 AM

does anyone read / browse - Edible Vancouver magazine?

i have no association with this company or magazine - and i read the list of names inside - nobody i immediately recognize (but that doesn't mean they are not credible - just nobody i know from high school, basically!)

- just curious. I can't remember where i picked up this copy - it certainly is appealing Vanc food photography, writing, and graphic design layout

interesting - even Galloways advertises - which of course, underlines that this is a commercial venture - but that's ok w/ me.

what about all the various cafe / restaurants who I would imagine have paid to be on the website - i don't recall seeing those names on here - which of course may mean something - or not. (exception Campagnolo and their sister restaurant - what i mean by exception is that that restaurant has been talked about here)

EDIT to add - here is the URL

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  1. I pick up a hard copy whenever I see one in my travels, which isn't all that often. I think the last one I saw was at Gourmet Warehouse. I've never looked at the site before. A short and rather eclectic where-to-eat list...

    1. We have an annual subscription to help support local organic, free range, medication free food. Have found great suppliers from the mag like local mushroom guys, Island caviar, skipper otto etc. Pretty good over all.

      1. I've read it a couple of times. Not sure where I picked it up but thinking perhaps it may have been at one of the small local liquor stores? In either the Burnaby or Maple Ridge areas. Quite an enjoyable read; I wouldn't mind finding it about more often.

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          Here are the locations you can find them, or you could subscribe for $32+tx. for 6 editions/year.

          Locations =

          Subsciption =

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            Thank you very much for posting all this information. Now I know where I picked it up; once at Golden Ears Cheescrafters and once at the Haney Farmer's Market. I had no idea one could actually subscribe. Thanks again.

        2. Choices Market in my neighbourhood has a rack for Alive and Edible Vancouver magazines. I appreciate the photography in both publications, and the locally generated content.