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Jul 25, 2013 07:10 AM

Birthday Lunch Hudson NY

Going for a day trip on a Tuesday to Hudson, NY..need a place for to any kind of food..nothing that will break the bank but i would like a place that is charming. Going with husband and 1 year old.

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  1. You might want to consider Baba Louie's.........It's more than just pizza; very good salads.

    1. Not sure if this would be convenient, but a 15-20 minute drive out of Hudson;, through beautiful scenery, will get you to the Greens at Copake Country Club, our favorite place for lunch in Columbia County. Local ingredients, beautifully prepared, a great beer and wine selection, beautiful setting make it a great place for a celebration.

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        Rrems, what am I missing about Greens? I'm looking at their lunch menu (the "club menu"?) and seeing a pretty pedestrian menu with chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, burgers, and turkey clubs. The wine list seems to be mostly huge California wineries.
        Seems incongruent with your description above. Maybe it's changed?

        1. re: jaba

          The lunch menu is not particularly innovative, it's the quality of the ingredients and the execution that are superior to other places. The chef makes his own pastrami for the Reuben, the burger is made from locally raised beef, the shrimp sandwich has a delicious spicy remoulade and the shrimp are cooked just right in a light cornmeal crust. The shoestring fries are excellent and the cole slaw is among the best I've had. Neve tried the chicken wings or mozzarella sticks, but would expect them to also be done well.

          We tend to order beer as they have a very nice selection, so haven't tried many of the wines. We've had wine at dinner, though. I don't think the wine list is exceptional, but it is perfectly adequate.

        1. re: mtrosellis

          Ca Mea is a very nice option, not quite as good as The Greens which I Mentioned above, but I would say this is our second favorite in the county for lunch. I was not at all impressed with Le Perche.