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Masterchef 7/24

Worldwide Diner Jul 25, 2013 06:47 AM

How many sweets elimination challenges are they going to do? I tend to fast forward through them and just watch the result.

While I don't think Natasha is all that attractive, I think she's more talented as a cook than I initially gave her credit for. On the other hand, Krissi is reaping the benefit of being non-threatening (except her mouthing off).

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  1. d
    DGresh RE: Worldwide Diner Jul 25, 2013 08:33 AM

    All I can say is that I *really* want Bri's cat face t-shirt.

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    1. re: DGresh
      girloftheworld RE: DGresh Jul 25, 2013 10:13 AM

      shop the ironic willamsburg hipster thrift shop
      open every other day after 12:pm free coffee

    2. ennuisans RE: Worldwide Diner Jul 25, 2013 11:34 AM

      "I want you to take off your apron, say your goodbyes, go to your hotel room, pack your bags, head out on the next flight back to your home and the support of your loving family, get blackout drunk on your bathroom floor as you bitterly tear magazine pictures of me into shreds, then hop on the next flight back here, come straight to the studio and take your place upstairs, because you are safe this week my darling."

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      1. re: ennuisans
        Firegoat RE: ennuisans Jul 25, 2013 12:05 PM

        You should write for this show. Possibly also Hell's Kitchen.

        1. re: Firegoat
          ennuisans RE: Firegoat Jul 25, 2013 01:20 PM

          That would be a great writing gig, since half of either show is a recap of what happened just before the last commercial break.

        2. re: ennuisans
          chris2269 RE: ennuisans Jul 25, 2013 01:10 PM


          1. re: chris2269
            ennuisans RE: chris2269 Jul 25, 2013 01:19 PM

            Ha! Theirs is better.

        3. LindaWhit RE: Worldwide Diner Jul 26, 2013 05:36 AM

          Couldn't find this earlier. So they get pigeon and rabbit. How is that "roughing it"? I really thought that the blue team and their pasta would win it for having the chutzpah to make pasta in the "wilderness", but I guess the pigeon was cooked perfectly on what seemed to be a metal spit...which are very easy to find in the wilderness, I guess.

          Sorry to see Bri go *before* Krissie in the Pressure Test, but the eclairs didn't look all that hot. And I'm really wondering why the winning team chose Krissie for safety. I think she's better than Luca, at a minimum. But it looks like they want to get rid of their competition in Jordan and Jessie.

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          1. re: LindaWhit
            Worldwide Diner RE: LindaWhit Jul 26, 2013 05:44 AM

            The losing team had Bri, Jordan, Jessie and Krissi. I guess they thought Bri is better than Krissi. Luca was on the winning team, thus not in play.

            1. re: Worldwide Diner
              ennuisans RE: Worldwide Diner Jul 26, 2013 05:57 AM

              The sad thing, as I saw pointed out on another website, is that Bri picked the winning team for the challenge and had that team taken away from her. Then on the pressure test she had the weakest competition taken away. I'm not inclined to say it was a setup, but I am inclined to say she got kind of doubly screwed.

              1. re: ennuisans
                Firegoat RE: ennuisans Jul 26, 2013 06:04 AM

                I can't complain because I was so ready for Bri with the crooked glasses and the giant drop jaw to the floor reactions to everything to get off the TV. She's a model and dresses completely differently in real life, but I don't blame her for that. Production could have made her change her clothes/hair much like they did to Kathy when they changed all her clothes and colored her hair. For some reason she just seemed like useless filler to me.
                Edited to add, this may have also been influenced by already knowing who the final five are. I'm ready for the filler to go and get back to the real competition.

                1. re: ennuisans
                  Worldwide Diner RE: ennuisans Jul 26, 2013 08:29 AM

                  She did get screwed. Usually the team captain picks who's safe.

                  1. re: Worldwide Diner
                    girloftheworld RE: Worldwide Diner Jul 26, 2013 09:25 AM

                    see this is one of the thing that drives me nuts,,,it is never the same... sometimes the team captain is safte... sometimes the team captain chooses... sometimes they ask the team captain if he/she wants to be safe... sometimes they select who they think preformed the best.... It is whatever they want to do on the day to get the result they want.

                2. re: Worldwide Diner
                  LindaWhit RE: Worldwide Diner Jul 26, 2013 07:49 AM

                  I know Luca was on the winning team - but he was part of the decision to save Krissi, and I think Krissi is BETTER than Luca. Then again, I think everyone on the losing team is better than Luca.

                3. re: LindaWhit
                  Firegoat RE: LindaWhit Jul 26, 2013 05:46 AM

                  That was a weirdly edited episode. Definitely reminded me not to believe everything you see. They are walking through the pasture up to the judges, get their coats and their giant tub of food. It then shows them walking away to their camps. All of them having had a chance to change clothes first. (cargo pants, shorts etc.) I'm not really sure why they seemed to think they needed to be up all night cooking. It wasn't like they were doing bbq or smoking or chili. (Horrible memories of Top Chef Texas). I was really hoping they'd have a couple of hunters walk up and toss down some game they just shot and leave it to the chefs to skin, clean, dress and figure out what to do with it. Sad that Bethy was out before this one since she is a real outdoorswoman and hunter.

                  1. re: Firegoat
                    DGresh RE: Firegoat Jul 26, 2013 07:43 AM

                    Love your plan of the hunters.

                    1. re: DGresh
                      Firegoat RE: DGresh Jul 26, 2013 08:21 AM

                      I would have loved it if hunters walked up and tossed down an undressed deer. I've field cleaned and fully dressed a deer before. I would have loved to see how these guys handled it.

                4. C. Hamster RE: Worldwide Diner Jul 28, 2013 07:57 PM

                  Since the spoiler watchers among us know who the final five are.... We are in for some interesting TV

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