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Jul 25, 2013 05:36 AM

Xanthan gum

Any ideas where to find this ingredient ,ideally in central Toronto. It's used as a stabilizer in gelato.

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  1. You can get it through Powder for Texture:

    They also sell their ingredients at Nella Cucina, near Bloor and Bathurst.

    1. Bob's Red Mill makes Xanthan Gum -- So, you might find it at a grocery store that has a broad selection of Bob's Red Mill products.

      I've purchased it at the Lively Life in the basement of SLM in the back of the store. My guess is Dominos in the basement of SLM has it as well since they have such a large selection of bulk goods and powders.

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      1. re: GrahamChubb

        Yes, Domino's has it near where the bulk flour and sugar is.

      2. You can get it at loblaws. Bob's red mill brand. Its pretty cheap, $10 for a fairly large bag. I've seen it at the loblaws at Queen West and Portland St many times.

        1. the bulk food store "tutti frutti" on kensington ave. has it. you'll probably have to ask for it though, as things are often hard to find. cheap though.

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          1. re: smartygirl

            I got mine at The Bulk Barn. All locations sell it.