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Jul 25, 2013 04:23 AM

Penny Candy - What Are/Were Your Favorites?

I was in a local small variety store the other day and saw a small section on the counter with penny? candy for twenty five cents a piece, wow have times changed.
Some of my old time favorites were Squirrel Nut, Mary Janes, Fireballs (yes!), Chuckles, Bit-O-Honey, Dots and the Sky Bar yum....

How about you, what were/are your favorites?

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  1. Pink lemonade flavored Footies which were like the flavored Tootsie Rolls, mini ones. I once paid a dollar to buy 100 and made the cute guy at the pool snack bar dog through the candy jar for only the pink ones since they came in assorted packs.

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    1. re: melpy

      Reminds me of those Lick-A-Made citrus flavor powder in paper straws, very tangy.

      1. re: treb

        We called (and I think still call these) Pixie Sticks (or Stix).

        1. re: pinehurst

          No, Lik-m-Aid were different - you got packets of powder with a chalky white candy stick to lick and then dip in the powder. Pixie Stix are just tubes of the powder that you rip open and pour down your gullet. I think the powder element is basically the same, though!

          1. re: biondanonima

            Those things were/are awesome. Though I always ate the stick before I was done with the powders.

            1. re: viperlush

              I loved the sticks! I always convinced my little sister to give me her stick and use her finger to eat the powder.

    2. Those little sour watermelon slices! We used to go after Sunday school to the candy store and get them. So great in the summer.

      1. I remember penny candy....and I remember when every bakery/supermarket in the area had gumball/chicklet/M&M machines on the way out that would give you a gumball or 4/5 M&M's for a penny.

        I LOVED the Bit-O-Honey. The Squirrels were tougher to open...the paper would stick. Found that sometime with the MaryJanes, too. I favored Chuckles to Dots because the latter could be like trying to chew a rivet. A delicious rivet, but a rivet.

        But as a chocolate hound, the SkyBar was such a treat. I'd say SkyBar, followed by BitOHoney, followed by the mini rolls of Necco Wafers...if you were really lucky, you'd get the elusive rootbeer or chocolate or licorice wafer in the roll. If you were unlucky, it was 80% clove, like one big Canada mint.

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        1. re: pinehurst

          You can still buy SkyBars and Necco Wafers at Cracker Barrel. I load up when we travel cross-country (No CB here, sadly).

        2. Those little wax bottles with the juice inside.

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          1. re: miss_belle

            Got in trouble for eating those without calling home for permission. I think my parents were obsessed with people poisoning us and we had to call home to get permission for food things.

            1. re: melpy

              Sorry, but this gave me a good laugh. :)

              My parents were obsessed about people poisoning kids too, mostly at Halloween when we were allowed to trick or treat.

              However, those waxy/juice things were sealed tight from the company.... who'd of thought they would be on your parent's watch list. ;)

              thnx for the chuckle.


              1. re: melpy

                My parents were too! I remember when I was a kid, the big fear was drugs in those little candy dots. I lived in fear of someone lacing my candy with LSD.

                We also weren't allowed to eat any homemade treats or fresh fruit that we got when trick-or-treating (who would want to eat an apple anyway?!). Evil people were putting razor blades in them, don't you know?

                1. re: melpy

                  Did you have the bright Green Mr. Yuck sticker on or by your telephone with the point control center's tel.# on it? ;)

              2. Kits, way back when they were a packet of 4, for a penny. Also Pixy Stix -- basically flavored sugar.

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                1. re: Steve Green

                  Another Yeah! for KITS, especially the Peanut Butter ones which had tiny chunks of roasted peanuts.