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Jul 25, 2013 04:23 AM

Eating out with toddler question

Hello Folks,
So, here's the situation:
-for the next month or so, we have less babysitting than we are used to; meanwhile, we've got a list of restaurants we've been wanting to go to. It's not like we *have* to go out - we can easily enough just stay at home and cook for ourselves - but we like going out and checking out new restaurants.
-our son isn't a terror or anything, but I can't just say straight up that he's "well behaved." He's pretty average, I think. He's actually pretty good in busy restaurants, but in quieter places he gets bored and, a half dozen times or so during the meal, will yell out a word or two. Not a big deal at California Pizza, but rules out Matyson and places like that. Recent trips to Han Dynasty (Manayunk) and Goat Hollow went ok, but were not without their moments of stress.

So, with that in mind, I'm curious about the following restaurants:
Fette Sau; Bufad; Khyber Pass (is that 21 and over?); El Balconcita. Are any of these toddler-friendly? Are they lively enough that the occasional noise will not be a problem? Would other kids be there during the early part of dinner service?


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  1. Fette Sau is absolutely fine for a toddler. The seating area is so spread out there and you may want to consider Frankford Hall a few steps away too. And kids can go to Khyber Pass too but I have only been there for lunch.

    1. Sounds like a great little fellow but as you note just a "kid" and prone to, as one would expect, act as would a kid. Seems like you would be fine at any places you mentioned: I have not been to El Balconcita. As long as the word he shouts out is not "FIRE".

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        I took my son to Buddakan when he was three and he made out fine. With the buddha and the changing colored lights he enjoyed himself a lot.

      2. Thanks.
        Does anyone have any sense about Bufad? Kid friendly? Not kid friendly?
        (And no, he doesn't yell 'fire,' but if we tell him not to he probably would).

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        1. re: Bob Loblaw

          Have not been to Bufad (yet!) but Zavino is fine.

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            I've been to Bufad and think it would be ok. It's generally pretty noisy and bustling, which would hide toddler noise. My (older) kids loved it there. They play silent movies in the upstairs dining room and my kids were fascinated, though I'm not sure it would catch the attention of a toddler.