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Jul 25, 2013 03:19 AM

Uses for extra raita?

Have a cup or so (homemade) left over from last Indian dinner. Any ideas about repurposing it? It's a mild one made from medium-fat plain yogurt and shredded cucumber with a bit of cumin and mint.

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  1. We have a cucumber dip that we eat with ruffles potato chips, you could use raita as a dip.

    Topping for lamb burgers

    Dipping sauce for pita or veggies.

    Add more seasoning and use as a salad dressing

    Sauce for grilled chicken, fish or even for a chicken or fish taco.

    1. Make chicken or egg salad with it.

      1. Thin it out with some cold water and eat it as a chilled soup. Sounds like you have enough for maybe two small servings?

        1. Uses other than eating it as a side salad? Personally I like to mix a bunch of raita in rice and eat it almost like a North Indian version of curd rice. I usually do this with biryani, but you can do it with any seasoned basmati.

          If it's thin, add a bit of sour cream or strained yogurt and use this as a dip for chips or meat pierogis. Raita could also be a nice topping for seared salmon or other fish with herbs. Puree it and you have a dressing for salad. Add lemon juice, sour cream, pepper oregano and/or dill and you have an approximation to tzatziki.

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            Our South Indian friends always pour buttermilk over rice (from Kerala). We use leftover raita on rice all the time

          2. add mango and blenderize it -- mango lassi! YUM!

            the persians also have doogh -- an herbal (mint) yogurt drink. it is delicious and so refreshing. i like it with seltzer water, instead of flat.

            another, using pennyroyal (which i've never seen).:

            this lady adds cumin and honey.

            personally, i'd go with the doogh today!

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