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Jul 24, 2013 11:11 PM

Any suggestions for lunch in Seagrove, NC or dinner in Siler City, NC or Pittsboro, NC

Going to visit the pottery communities in Seagrove this weekend. Any recommendations for lunch on Saturday? And how about a dinner recommendation for Friday either in Siler City or Pittsboro? See that Fearrington is quite popular but too expensive for what I'm looking for. Mostly interested in quality and inexpensive to moderately expensive price point. Thanks!

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  1. I don't think you're goign to find much in Seagrove itself. its really more of a community thatn a town. Your best bet is ask for recs at the potteries, or just find something in Asheboro.

    For your dinner in Pittsboro, you might want to consider Oakleaf. I haven't been, but most of the opinions on CH have been positive. You can read more here:

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      My wife and I went to Oakleaf last Friday with another couple. It was stellar in both food and service. Emphasis on local produce and seafood. Killer cheesecake and peach cobbler too.

    2. Oakleaf in Pittsboro is quite good, and Fearrington has a second restaurant, called "The Granary," that is not as expensive as the main restaurant. The menu is a little more casual, and very good also. You can check out the menu on their website to see if it works for you.

        1. unWINEd will have NC wine, food & music Friday night just south of Pittsboro.

          Casual & inexpensive. The food vendors sometimes require cash payment.

          1. Thanks for your input everyone. Made reservations for Oakleaf and plan to go to West More in Seagrove for Saturday lunch. Will report back.