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Favorite meal to eat out. Breakfast,lunch,or dinner ?

I asked a freind this question and the answer was breakfast. It's mine also. Lunch is just lunch. And dinner is just a big production. Where do you want to go, or what do you feel like eating tonight. I reall don't have a good answer. I just like going out to breakfast the best.Maybe the comfort. And your favorite meal to eat out is ?

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  1. Happy hour!

    I am serious. I love happy hour. Usually, when I go out for happy hour, I don't make dinner at home. I load up on food that isn't too healthy and I am full.

    2nd choice is dinner, third is breakfast. I dislike lunch.

    1. Breakfast would be my *least* favourite meal - I can make everything on the standard breakfast brunch menu (omelettes, eggs benny, pancakes etc etc).
      When I go out I like to get something I can't readily make at home.

      I generally prefer dinner because I'm hungrier at dinner than lunch and feel okay about having a wine/beer (or two) with my meal.

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        What about ethnic type breakfast dishes? Or do you not partake of those?

      2. Breakfast on Saturday is my fav, then Saturday evening Dinner for a 2nd fav.

        1. Definitely like brunch out. Yes its food that I can usually make myself and I am actually not the biggest fan of breakfast foods, but brunch is just fun. I like it because I am the most hungry at that time and I have the whole day ahead of me. Also the atmosphere is relaxed and easy. Not really a lunch eater and I hate sleeping on a full stomach or going to the bar after a big dinner out or being hungry all day in anticipation of dinner.

          1. breakfast/brunch: eggs benedict or seafood rendition thereof; i do like a mimosa or kir royale occasionally

            1. 1) Lunch, 2) dinner, 3) breakfast.

              I enjoy eating a main meal in the middle of the day and I like the smaller crowds/cheaper prices at lunch. Dinner is an OK second, especially if I'm going to a nearby joint within walking distance. Breakfast, distant #3. I like breakfast right when I get up, which is early. Plus, I can make my preferred breakfast foods better than most restaurants. And eat on the deck surrounded by bird song.

                1. We don't eat much at night, and when we do, we like the homeyness of cooking. So Saturday lunch is our favorite meal out. Breakfast is my least favorite, it comes at an odd time which throws off the whole day, and eggs, well they are just eggs, and I don't eat any of the pancake/french toast/waffle family. Dinners are crowded and seem to offer the worst service as a result, and the portions are ridiculous.

                  1. I just love to go out to breakfast. The crispy hash browns/home fries, the choice of whole wheat toast or an english muffin, the myriad choices of omelettes, or, how would you like your eggs cooked?

                    The constant refilling of my coffee cup. Such luxury. I don't do the pancake, waffle, french toast route at home or in a restaurant so that part is lost on me.

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                      Huevos Rancheros! I forgot Huevos Rancheros.

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                        I hate the constant coffee refilling! I want to be asked and I only want it if I have drained the first cup.

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                          +1 from my Mom! She *hates* 'Let me heat that up for you' after she has got it just right.

                      2. Dinner, without doubt. I'm not a big brekkie guy under any circumstances, and lunch tends to be a slightly harried, food-as-fuel affair. But dinner, now that's a different animal. It's an opportunity to relax and let the atmosphere of a nice joint soak in.

                        1. Breakfast/brunch is our favorite especially at a place like The Cookroom in Middle Island.

                          1. I guess I'm in the minority with lunch being my favorite meal out. It's when I'm at my hungriest during the day, and it usually precedes or follows an activity I enjoy as much as eating: shopping!

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                              I'm in alliegator's alley. I don't eat breakfast and am a late sleeper, so a late lunch is my main meal. If it's ample or filling, I may just have a snack at night. If I'm eating out, I appreciate that many good restaurants offer the same food at lunch than at dinner, but for a lower price. Also, as long as I go after 1-1:30, there's no feeling of being rushed to turn the table over.

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                                me too...
                                I have coffee and toast at 5am. So by 1PM when I've been at my desk for more than 6 hours, I like to get in the car, head out for bank, post office and then a nice leisurely lunch.

                                By 4:30 I'm grilling for the dogs and supper is usually a bit of whatever meat I;ve grilled and some veg.

                                This all changes on days I'm in court, Then lunch is fast and harried, and dinner oput with a stiff drink is my choice.

                                On the weekends, I like to take the wife for a late 9PM supper out

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                                    in rain, snow, bright sun, etc---approx 350 days per year. They tend to eat the same meats as us from the holiday tables.
                                    The grilled meat is mixed in 50% proportion to dry doog food.
                                    They are particular and don't like food cooked on the stove.

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                                  That's one of my things with lunch, as well--the lower price. It's usually a smaller portion, but I'm not capable of putting away a whole dinner at most places.
                                  Here's to lunch!

                                2. I love a good old fashioned weekend brunch out, although it's usually just as great at home. I prefer to go out earlier in the day because after dinner I'm ready to relax after eating.

                                  1. Many Caveats in my answer.

                                    #1 Breakfast - IF it's very good. 99% of places make slop on a plate and then it turns into my least favorite meal and absolutely no all-you-can-eat buffet for breakfast, they always suck.
                                    #2 A later evening meal on a patio or deck when it's cooling down and the sun is getting low (Sun sets by me at 930 in the summer).
                                    #3 A early evening dinner on a winter night.

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                                      Agree on the AYCE buffets, hate to think of all the snotty little hands that have touched the food.

                                    2. Breakfast/brunch. Love getting together with friends and having a leisurely meal without the time constraints.

                                      1. Definitely lunch because I feel like that has the widest range of choices and the cheaper price is also a plus.

                                        1. Wow.tough choice. I love to cook and I think most consider me a good one. I like breakfast out only because it's easy for variety....but folks who stay here swear they must have my popovers.

                                          Dinner would be next....but only if I can order a number of "small plates". I'm a tapas kind of guy and want to sample a lot...along with some libations.

                                          Finally.....we don't often eat dessert at home since these days making dessert for 2 is usually a pain..so that's another reason to eat out.

                                          and finally. sometime the "hankerings" are better elsewhere:

                                          Fried clams, of course
                                          Lobster Roll
                                          A really nice piece of Prime rib unless I got 8 ppl coming here

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                                          1. re: FriedClamFanatic

                                            Popovers for breakfast!!! Why have I not thought of that? I make a damned good popover, FCF -- are you up for a challenge?

                                            1. re: CindyJ

                                              Smiles.........depends.....for Breakfast, they are always plain, served with butter and jam. Later on in the day, they might have some cheese or garlic added to the mix..but then they are often served, split lengthwise, with a mix of sautéed mushroom and onion and some lobster bisque among other things

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                                                Call me a purist -- the only time I make popovers is when I'm making roast beef, and they're plain, served piping hot with butter. No, actually I stand corrected -- sometimes I make popovers when I'm roasting a turkey. But they come out of the oven and into a napkin-lined serving basket. Blink too fast and they're GONE!

                                                1. re: CindyJ

                                                  Smiles...........you make Yorkshire PUD! And a true popover like that would use some pan drippings. Same basic process.

                                                  1. re: FriedClamFanatic

                                                    No, no, no -- it's not Yorkshire pudding I make. That would call for pan drippings, which I don't use in my popovers, and I think that's usually made in a larger pan rather than individual servings.

                                                    Here's a photo of a batch of my popovers right out of the oven.

                                                    1. re: CindyJ

                                                      perfect! I use he mini pans.........or.sometimes, I use a smallish style cake pan..about 4 inches across and then add some fruit to it as a "dutch baby" Not sure why it has that name

                                                      1. re: FriedClamFanatic

                                                        A Dutch Baby --- hmmmm... you just reminded me that somewhere in my basement treasure trove of use-it-once-then stow-it-away kitchen gear, I have a Dutch baby pan -- if there is such a thing. I remember once making an apple-something concoction that was a filling for a giant popover-like pancake. Maybe I should see if I can find it and use it again. Then again... NAH!

                                                        1. re: CindyJ

                                                          "We doan need no Steekin spaecieal pan!" I use a calphalon 8 fry pan sometimes...works just as well as my small cake thingies, but a bit big for one person.

                                                          1. re: FriedClamFanatic

                                                            Ahhh... now you know a secret about me. I can't resist a kitchen gadget. And, the less useful, the harder it is to resist. Someday there will be a show about me on reality TV -- "Kitchen Hoarders."

                                                2. re: FriedClamFanatic

                                                  I would like to invite myself over immediatly for the popovers with sauteed mushrooms.... :)!

                                              1. I eat lunch out every day.

                                                1. Now that Mr. Tardigrade and I are retired, lunch. The restaurants are usually less crowded and quieter, we don't have to plan ahead with reservations as a rule.

                                                  1. I always loved the Sunday brunch buffets at nice restaurants. The ones that had things like a whole poached salmon, nice pasta dishes, interesting egg casseroles along with the guy who makes your omelet right there for you.
                                                    Alas, that type of meal is not to be found here in rural Georgia, so in the past ten years I've only been to one or two at a country club, and at the Mills House in Charleston.

                                                    I never eat that much, but I like having the variety of lighter fare at brunch buffets. Maybe part of the appeal is that breakfast is always at home, so someone else's cooking is a nice treat in the morning now and then.

                                                    1. For me it's dinner out. That's the meal that I put the most time/effort/thought into when I'm cooking at home, so when I'm having dinner out I'm spared that same time/effort/thought.

                                                      While I like the idea of breakfast out, the truth is I'm not a big fan of breakfast -- I just don't enjoy food as much that early in the day. AND -- I make better French toast and pancakes than most places around here, eggs are my husband's specialty, and the majority of breakfast places don't offer a good cup of coffee.

                                                      1. Lunch, but not just lunch, but a late lunch around 2-3pm. I find that restaurants have slowed down after the lunch rush, the servers are relaxed and actually bored and looking for something to do, so they tend to provide better service. Also the kitchen seems to be one target at that time. They are in tune, and with the slow down of orders pay closer attention to what they are making. Although on rare occasions I will do an early lunch at 11am.

                                                        I rarely eat breakfast, or even lunch during the typical 11:30am-1pm slot. I find I do my best mental work before the first meal of the day. I only go out for breakfast when I am on vacation and get dragged along with others. I am also a better cook than most cooks making breakfast in diners & restaurants. When I eat breakfast I want my eggs, sausage, bacon, french toast cooked to my standards. I make my own breakfast sausage and rarely find a place that has sausage near as good.

                                                        My second choice is a very early dinner 4-5pm, for many of the same reasons as why I like late lunch. Service and quality seem better when it isn't busy.

                                                        I hate crowded restaurants and very rarely do dinner during peak hours. I like to cook, especially long, slow cooked meals. The exception is when a friend who is a chef or owner asks me to try their place. Then the service usually makes up for the crowds.

                                                        1. Never breakfast, I can do a better one at home in most cases. Lunch is good, but Dinner means I am off for the night. After 47 years of cooking dinners, I am tired. And I love to try new meal ideas, I may make it at home, but having it first gives me what to shoot for(or at!).

                                                          1. Breakfast...real breakfast, not brunch. I prefer U.S. diner food like fried eggs, hash browns, sausage, white toast, and plentiful mediocre coffee or Mexican, like migas or huevos rancheros or breakfast tacos with eggs and chorizo. Odd, since I cook all of those things better than most and am usually a coffee snob (love my locally roasted Sumatran done in a press).

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                                                            1. re: tim irvine

                                                              Hit the nail on the head.Couldn't of said it better.

                                                            2. Dinner, by a large margin. We both look forward to our weekly meal out.

                                                              Although lunch out was a rarity when we were working, since we retired we probably have lunch out a couple of times a month. It feels almost a guilty decadent pleasure to be spending a couple of hours eating in the middle of the day.

                                                              Breakfast out is such a rarity as to be not on the radar. And, even then, it is even more of a rarity that you served better than crap.

                                                              1. After consideration, as it had never occurred as question....breakfast. Good coffee and croissants at home (and in London, I can think of three good places for this in walking distance from home, and many others in the centre). Always with the newspaper. Outside cafes in France. French toast in the US. Porridge/oatmeal in the winter. Sigh.

                                                                1. Definitely dinner.

                                                                  Breakfast is just tough. I have to go to work, and eating out for breakfasts is just stressful. Lunches are not bad, but usually I don't have time. Dinners are (usually) best because I can usually relax.

                                                                  Therefore: Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast.

                                                                  I do like to eat out for breakfasts and lunches during weekends.

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                                                                      To clarify, I like to eat when I'm hungry. That's my favorite time to eat.

                                                                    2. You forgot the most important meal! Brunch!!
                                                                      You don't have to wake up early, can eat at 2pm, have a few drinks and a great meal with choices that are either eggy or sweet or lunch-y!
                                                                      Sunday brunch is my personal religion.

                                                                      1. Late-night for street food, or breakfast buffets in SE Asia, on weekdays. I like early in the morning or late at night, but I do enjoy lunch specials at certain places in Japan, so my answer varies depending on where I am.

                                                                        The Shangri-la in KL and the Intercontinental in Bangkok stood out to me for their breakfast buffets.