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Jul 24, 2013 09:24 PM

Favorite meal to eat out. Breakfast,lunch,or dinner ?

I asked a freind this question and the answer was breakfast. It's mine also. Lunch is just lunch. And dinner is just a big production. Where do you want to go, or what do you feel like eating tonight. I reall don't have a good answer. I just like going out to breakfast the best.Maybe the comfort. And your favorite meal to eat out is ?

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  1. Happy hour!

    I am serious. I love happy hour. Usually, when I go out for happy hour, I don't make dinner at home. I load up on food that isn't too healthy and I am full.

    2nd choice is dinner, third is breakfast. I dislike lunch.

    1. Breakfast would be my *least* favourite meal - I can make everything on the standard breakfast brunch menu (omelettes, eggs benny, pancakes etc etc).
      When I go out I like to get something I can't readily make at home.

      I generally prefer dinner because I'm hungrier at dinner than lunch and feel okay about having a wine/beer (or two) with my meal.

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        What about ethnic type breakfast dishes? Or do you not partake of those?

      2. Breakfast on Saturday is my fav, then Saturday evening Dinner for a 2nd fav.

        1. Definitely like brunch out. Yes its food that I can usually make myself and I am actually not the biggest fan of breakfast foods, but brunch is just fun. I like it because I am the most hungry at that time and I have the whole day ahead of me. Also the atmosphere is relaxed and easy. Not really a lunch eater and I hate sleeping on a full stomach or going to the bar after a big dinner out or being hungry all day in anticipation of dinner.

          1. breakfast/brunch: eggs benedict or seafood rendition thereof; i do like a mimosa or kir royale occasionally