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Jul 24, 2013 08:27 PM

Cambodian Noodle King (Newmarket)

Since it was only mentioned in passing in other threads (thanks dory and davwud), I thought it should be a new thread.

Great food, inexpensive, friendly family service. A few flaws didn't detract from overall deliciousness.

Pad Thai: non-sweet, no ketchup style (which I much prefer). Noodles are crazy tasty, protein tends to be indifferent (shrimp are unseasoned, chicken slightly tough) but it doesn't detract from the dish because the noodles are SO GOOD. Maybe slightly oily if you're picky. Generous crushed peanuts are appreciated - it's the first place that I feel like I got as much as I wanted. Large portion, almost enough for two (too much for one with medium soup).

Noodle soup: delicious broth (comparable to Swatow in Toronto!) redolent with garlic. No complaints, really. Tried the 'everything' option (everything was great) and have now settled on the tendon soup as my favorite. I added some siracha to the first bowl for spice, but it became too salty - mistake on my part.

Coconut shake: great with spicy food but I was uncomfortably full when I tried all three, so this gets sacrificed to the altar of food that's reheatable.

Full text (rambly) and pix (not really well done) on my website. But eh, I think this here is more to the point.

Cambodian Noodle King
110 Pony Dr., Unit 15,
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 7B6

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  1. We've been only the once and loved, loved, loved it. Easily my favourtie Pad Thai.
    It was our maiden voyage with Congee and rather enjoyed it. We went for the one that had all the guts and stuff in it.
    The Spring Rolls were good but not as good as Pho Saigon in NMKT.

    We're meaning to go back but just haven't yet.


    1. Oh, and I couldn't find CNK on your website.


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      1. re: Davwud

        Oh. Strange, I think it was the last post.

        Heh, it's like a who's who of Chowhound.

        1. re: randomthoughts

          I guess if I'd been looking in the right place I'd have found it.

          Anyway, the "No ketchup" style to which you refer is more accurately the "No tamarind" style.


          1. re: Davwud

            Surprisingly, a lot of the fusion pad thai dishes actually use ketchup giving a rather distinctive color...

            Tamarind would be pretty distinctive, and I'm sure more authentic for the 'sour-sweet' taste.

      2. Glad to hear they are still open. Keep meaning to try but haven't gotten around to it.

        Does anyone recall if they have vegetarian options?

        thanks kindly!

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        1. re: mrsleny

          I have their takeout menu in front of me and they have about 4 veg entrees, 3 of which contain egg. I'm sure they'd make stuff without meat though.

          Fresh rolls are on the menu and they don't usually include meat, and there seem to be a lot of veggie appetizers (though you might have to ask if the sauces contain meat products).

          1. re: randomthoughts

            Thanks for the info. I will definitely try to make it up there. Are their hours on the takeout menu? I'd greatly appreciate it!


            1. re: mrsleny

              Whups, just fished it out of the recycling bin. Tues through Sunday 11am to 8pm.

              Their fresh rolls had shrimp and chicken, but a friend ordered them without.

        2. I was hoping this thread was about a Cambodian restaurant, but it looks like it's Chinese with a bit of Thai. Do they have any Cambodian dishes?

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            I think they do a bit of everything. But what I would consider to be Cambodian, or at least not Thai or Chinese, would be dishes like lort cha, and the various soups, dry dishes featuring pork liver etc. I haven't been there for about a month but the last time I went I tried an unusual fried appetizer that was I think goldfish shaped tofu with fish sauce? for the first time. And probably the last. They've also added some more curry dishes (very soupy, nicely spicy). I need to remember to bring a menu home with me.

          2. OK, of the proteins in the pad thai, beef is definitely the best. Marinated and tenderized (which, not always a good thing, but given the alternatives) it was spicy and very tasty.