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Jul 24, 2013 08:18 PM

Coast @ shutters on the beach DineLA dinner

ate there last night.
Citrus Poached Prawns
with watermelon, avocado, and watercress.
-they should just remove this dish from the menu.
the size of the "prawns" was closer to that of bay shrimp than that of prawns
the prawns weren't cooked nor were they raw. they were somewhere in between.
the mixture of watermelon and avocado, imho, just didn't work. would have been better if they just picked one.

Grilled Swordfish
carrots, harrisa vinegrette
-a straighforward nicely done dish. very generous portion size.
should be noted that even though this is an uncomplicated dish, many restaurants seem to have a tremendous problem pulling it off== either overcooking or undercooking the fish. Coast did a good job. The fish was cooked but NOT dry nor overcooked. Also, the quality of the fish was very good especially when taking the large portion size into account.

Stone Fruit Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream.
-imho, the stone fruit part could have used more sugar and/or some lemon juice to bring out the flavor of the fruit.
the cobbler portion, as best as i could tell, was a cookie that had been crumbled over the fruit.
the ice cream was fine.
probably my standards for this dish were unreasonably high because last week, at chinois on main, for dessert, i had a cherry crumble that was perfection.
the chinois cherry crumble was a really hard act to follow.. . . .

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