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Jul 24, 2013 07:47 PM


Thought that RIP V was getting long in the tooth, so I'll offer up this:

Titaya's is closed until further notice for "remodeling." I tried to peer into the window, and I didn't see any real remodeling occurring. Usually, that's not a great occurrence. I hope the best for them. Seems like they were busy with tons of customers. Anybody know what's up with dat?

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  1. saw a post on another site saying they planned to be open this fall or winter ( i think) and Eck (spin modern thai), Titaya's brother, was going to consult on an updated menu keeping about half of the old and half of the new. Also an overhaul of the space.

    fall seems ambitious given the lack of work happening there.

    1. spin modern thai just announced on facebook that they are closing due to financial reasons. their last day will be this saturday, 7/27, with dinner from 5-7. it will be a limited menu, and reservations are strongly suggested.

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      1. re: dinaofdoom

        Damn. I'm addicted to the chicken popper appetizer...seriously addicted.

        1. re: amysuehere

          I've only been once, but my new favorite chicken apps are the lolipops at masala wok. best thing there.

          1. re: amysuehere

            I hope they eventually manage to reopen in a better location. I think being tucked away at the back of a Target shopping center around that toll road interchange is what did them in.

          2. re: dinaofdoom

            Went there last night. Food was still awesome but the menu had changed drastically from the last time I was there. Apparently that was unrelated to closure. The signature dish was gone, The Full Spin. Food was still very good. Very sad they aren't staying open. The place had a 40 minute wait. I think they just want to move and can't stay open between moving. They've got too much of a good thing to just close. I think they need to move so they can get a good lunch business. My understanding that for a lot of restaurants lunch is critical.

            1. re: Rptrane

              Evidently, there were some cost issues, and that's the reason for the close:

              1. re: foodiegal71

                Damn, never made it there before they closed. I was excited to try this after all the good reviews.

                1. re: foodiegal71

                  awww, that's sad that the chefs had no idea of the dire financial straights of the investors. restaurants are hard work!

                2. re: Rptrane

                  i was bummed that the menu changed so much, so often, that i couldn't get my favorite things there (and hadn't found new favorites yet).

                  1. re: dinaofdoom

                    Yeah I was shocked the Full Spin was gone as were the duck wings. They all rocked. Don't know why you'd take those things off a menu. Our waitress hinted that the oven broke so they had to take some things off the menu.

              2. Fuddruckers on S. Lamar is no longer with us. The only Fuddruckers (Fuddruckerss?) in the area now are Round Rock and Lakeline. Which is a shame, because their burgers, when ordered medium rare, were some of the only properly cooked-to-order burgers I've been able to get in town. (Cat Mountain Grill did it well, but they're RIP, too.)

                There's a propensity elsewhere to cook to hockey puck stage and then a little more for good measure no matter how you ask for it. I'm not driving all the way up to hell and gone just for Fuddruckers, though.

                I will say that I ordered a medium rare burger at Mighty Fine last time and got it medium well. It's a start!


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                  Luby's is opening a Fuddruckers and a Luby's righyt next to each other on Slaughter between Southpark Meadows and First Street according to the local community paper.

                  The last time I went to that Fuddruckers on S. Lamar the burger was incredibly tasteless. Burgers are something I'd just rather do at home in the cast iron pan.


                2. No great loss but Hai Ky on the drag has closed their doors. This must have literally happened yesterday as we went for lunch and the doors were still open but the tables were all turned upside down. A voice from the back of the room said "thanks for your business" and that's all she wrote.

                  We went to Teji's instead. If you still crave Hai Ky, not sure if the Westlake location is still open or not. I'm not craving it enough to check...

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                  1. re: nypb

                    The only Hai Ky I ever knew is still on Oltorf near Burton. I have never considered eating on the Drag since the egg roll lady got busted.


                    1. re: nypb

                      there is still hai ky on spicewood as far as i know...

                    2. Pakwan closed. It was an Indian restaurant on Wm Cannon & Brodie.