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Jul 24, 2013 06:51 PM

Need recommendations for anniversary dinner

I'm looking for a place to go with my husband for our one year wedding anniversary. Here's what we're looking for:

~Want to spend no more than $200 in total (including wine, tax, and tip); ideally would be closer to $100 but we're willing to spend a little more to get something really great.
~We don't eat meat, but we do eat fish. I love seafood, my husband less so. We like all varieties of food, my only issue is that I don't want to go to a really fancy restaurant that has only one or two non-meat options on the menu. If we're going to spend three figures, I want at least a few options to pick from. Feel like that's a little hard to find with a lot of the upscale restaurants in the city. We're open to vegetarian restaurants, but we've tried a lot of the upscale ones (Candle 79, V Note, Gobo, Dirt Candy).
~This is for next Monday, so a place that needs reservations weeks in advance won't work. I'd also prefer to avoid places where we'll have to wait a while to be seated. Hopefully the fact that it's a Monday we'll help. That being said, we'd be willing to go out on the weekend if the place we pick is closed on Monday.

So, suggestions?

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  1. How about Yefsi?

    You can make a nice meal out of the mezedes, which are predominantly vegetarian. The menu also tilts to a nice selection of seafood items.

    1. Dovetail on Monday nights features a special vegetarian and vegetable focused four-course prix fixe for 52pp. As of right now, they have plenty of tables open on 7/29 at good times (around 7 and 8pm).

      Hangawi has an a la carte menu as well as a $50 prix fixe they call the Emperor’s Tasting Menu. Everything is vegetarian.

      If you're willing to eat at 5pm or 9:30pm, Telepan has tables and they are participating in Restaurant Week, so your costs will be the $38 dinner prix fixe for RW. Looks like a fair number of seafood and vegetable options on their menu.

      This chart from Serious Eats may also help with other options:

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        Thanks! My first thought was the Dovetail tasting menu, but when I googled the name I saw it had a low average rating on menupages. Hangawi I will also check out, and Telepan too. Those times wouldn't work but it's for 8/5, not 7/29, so maybe the times are better then...

        1. re: arielleeve

          Check out Exchange Alley-in the East Village, it has a mellow vibe and has some great vegetarian options-but is not a vegetarian restaurant by any means..

      2. I think Dovetail is a great option. Not as good as Dirt Candy, but because it's easier to get reservations, it's usually my go-to recommendation for fancy vegetarian friendly.

        Other options based on OpenTable availability would be
        Craft (no vegetarian main courses, but I prefer getting a bunch of their great sides to a lot of vegetarian entrees and can make the budget work without meat)
        Scarpetta (they actually have a full vegetarian menu if you ask, reservation times limited)
        Kajitsu (somehow never been, but people always rave about it)

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          I've been to Kajitsu (funny enough, on a night when my husband screwed up my birthday dinner reservation at Dirt Candy--we wandered by and I remembered hearing good things about it). I LOVED it, it was really unlike any food I've had before, just totally different flavors. But the flavors were very subtle, and my husband (who is less of a foodie than me) didn't like it so much -- he called it "bland."

          But I would highly recommend. Just a lovely meal overall. I'm looking towards Dovetail at the moment for the anniversary, thanks!