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Jul 24, 2013 05:51 PM

Walking distance or EASY transportation from Downtown Marriott

My daughter is in Montreal helping in a research project, and I'm coming to visit this weekend. Yes I know I should've gotten started sooner, but I AM reading the other threads, and have a few suggestions (Frites Alors), the Jean Talon market, Schwarz's) but if anyone cares to offer "don't miss" ideas that would work on a not unlimited budget (probably could do one splurge meal) for me and my 19-year old daughter, we'd appreciate it. She's been living a spartan life, hasn't done any foodie stuff at all. We will be hitting the main tourist spots, so anything easy to walk to would be awesome. Also super casual please, I have to bring some of her stuff back to Chicago so am packing very light.


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  1. You're in town on time for the last weekend of "Bouffons Montreal" an enormous food truck/street food festival that is part of the on going Just for Laughs comedy festival. Perhaps you should 'splurge' there as many of the trucks are representative of the current foodie culture in Montreal, and it is right by your hotel:

    Schwartz's and Jean Talon market are also great ideas, skip Frites Alors IMO (there is one at Jean Talon market if you REALLY want it).

    You will find poutine at the food truck festival but I don't think that you'll find anything quite as good as La Banquise so you may want to search it out.

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      Patati is close to Banquise and its pretty great... Romados is located in between them ... super cheap and worth going to

      1. re: kpaxonite

        Patati Patata often closes during construction holiday, so I'm not certain it will be open this weekend - anyone know for sure?

        1. re: cherylmtl

          They're closed for the annual vacation.

      2. re: catroast

        Wow, that food truck fest looks amazing! Hope my daughter can get us there! Appreciate the recommendation.

        1. re: SueFH

          it's literally a 5 min walk from your hotel...the concierge will be able to guide you

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            Heading there today, but ironically the concierge had no idea what we were talking about! They also neglected to tell us where to exit the 11 bus up at Mont Royal so we kinda missed that...AND they recommended a place down at the harbor near Old Montreal where we intend to watch fireworks and failed to let us know the name or time of the reservation tonight, so we will be taking a risk there too!

            Makes it more fun right? Sincerely appreciate everyone who has been following up with me as the weekend unfolds!

        2. re: catroast

          The Frites Alors stand is no longer at JTM although there is a location a few blocks away.

        3. Do you want food suggestions so your daughter can have a treat while you are visiting (outside of her daily budget) or do you want to include places she can go on her own and not break the bank (under 10$) ?

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          1. Another question, is there a great difference in the market on Friday vs Saturday? In terms of availability, atmosphere, choices, etc.? We are trying to work out the food truck festival and the market on different days. Thanks.

            Also, for the record, we loved Schwartz' and though we then walked over to Banquise, the line was too long after a long day. Will try again later, and hopefully also get a chance to compare bagels. Thanks again for all the help.

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              Banquise is really a Montreal experience if you go after going out, at 2-3am. Then it's really packed. I'm surprised there was a line during daytime, I guess it's tourist season with visitors wanting to try poutine?

              Anyways, if you want to try poutine and try La Banquise again and it is packed, try Ma-am Bolduc (4351 Avenue de Lorimier), a 15 minutes walk further east. Their poutine is probably as good, plus they have a little outdoor seating if it's nice.

              1. re: sweettoothMTL

                +1 to Maam Bolduc, much better poutine than Banquise.

                1. re: sweettoothMTL

                  To clarify, it was about 9pm when we arrived at Banquise, we were just exhausted and still pretty full.

                  Deciding whether to hit market today and food trucks tomorrow or vice versa.

                  1. re: SueFH

                    Being full and going for poutine is never a good combination, so I think you've made the right choice. It is definitely progressively busier throughout the evening (they typically have a bouncer after 10pm) and also the week, so arrive earlier if you plan to go today or tomorrow.
                    The market will also be considerably busier tomorrow, and there is not much difference in offerings on weekdays and weekends. I was there yesterday and can't imagine what more one could hope for.
                    Thus, I might opt for market today and food trucks tomorrow, although I'd probably aim to hit the trucks earlier than later: it's the last day of the festival and perhaps some menu items will start to run out by the evening.

                    1. re: Fintastic

                      Thanks, we did go to the market today, what amazing produce! Everything we tasted was at peak ripeness, uncanny! We bought some Brie and jambon and made little sandwiches , it was just so delicious. My daughter is staying near Atwater market, but even she wants to go back to Jean Talon on Sunday before I head to the airport.

                      We're going up to Mont Royal this evening, and will try either Ma-am Bolduc or La Banquise. Wish we had reservations at PDC but even the hotel concierge laughed at those odds. :-)

                      1. re: SueFH

                        It never hurts to call and ask - there can be last-minute cancellations, and being construction holiday in the province, a lot of people are away, so it's always a possibility.

                        1. re: SueFH

                          If you're really heartbroken about APDC, a semi-secret is that you can show up and order take-out for most menu items (I assume this is still the case: I haven't tried in a year). A good bet is to take these over to Parc Lafontaine several blocks down Duluth for a gluttonous picnic. Just be sure to bring utensils.

                  2. re: SueFH

                    The market is a lot more busy (with people) on Saturday; but in the summer, especially july and august, it will still be busy and full produce availability.