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Jul 24, 2013 04:01 PM

Royer's Pies of Round Top Coming to Austin in Fall

Just in time for the Holiday pies and UT Football crowd:

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  1. great news for alll of us

    1. Just reading their menu is painful. I won't be patronizing the place based on their obnoxious over-use of "OMG!".

      Like, gag me with a spoon, please!


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      1. re: sqwertz

        But OMG, they are so cute! They want you to love them! I think there is one pie named LOVE ME PLEASE OMG I AM SO CUTE!

        Not really.

        1. re: Ashforth

          I didn't notice until after I posted that they apparently named their Cherry Pie after a friend of mine. I'm not sure if he contributed to the recipe (he was a restaurant owner/writer/consultant) or whether it was a memorial to him. At least they kept "OMG!" out the name and description of the pie.

          Here is the Austin website. It will just be baked goods and a couple token savory pies.


      2. I have eaten at the original Royer's in Round Top, and despite the horrible cutesy menu, the food really is excellent. I'm sorry it's just a pie shop and not a whole restaurant.

        1. I hope they taste better than Tootie Pie Company. The memory of that crust of the Pecan Pie will haunt my nightmares for weeks to come.

          1. I just noticed on their menu that this is in the "old" toy joy location, which prompted me to go to the toy joy website and find out that toy joy moved to the warehouse district.
            Is nothing sacred anymore? Toy Joy belongs on the drag.
            And besides that i think it is a bad business decision. I think they will not get near the business from the La condesa / Lambert's after dinner crowd as they did from the stoned / drunk UT students at midnight looking for anime, electronic yodeling pickles and similar brick a brack.