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Jul 24, 2013 03:14 PM

Our NeW Brunswick Adventure

We were going to Daryls last Friday, but our friend had to cancel.
So, I talked to the manager, cancelled our reservation, and told him
we would be back next week. Didn't call for another rez, can you imagine
my face when it was closed today! And, hotel next door noticed that they
had been closed for a while. Why didn't he say something to me?
Oh well. Will have to call them tomorrow and see if they answer.

In desperation, we wound up at the Hotel H something, and ate at Christophers, the hotel restaurant. Not chow, but lovely service, and after
the group luncheons there were over it became quiet. Other places nearby were also closed. Mystery to us. Recession?

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  1. It would appear that Daryl has closed (again). On OpenTable, the restaurant is "currently unavailable". And on the telephone their message says they will be closed starting July 1 and reopening on July 8 (??).

    1. daryl hasn't been opened since Sunday July 14th...

      None of the staff had a clue before that date that it was not going to open (I've bumped into a few of them at other locations in NB and elsewhere since then)

      Can you describe the manager? the last GM was female(!)

      The voicemail on the restaurant says it is currently not taking reservations - which I guess is kinda true if you are closed!